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  1. hydraulic cylinder speed function

        Electro-hydraulic motion controller adds quality to pultrusion machine I wish to do this Motion Controller , Hydraulic Axes Syncronization with Omron NJ501-1320
  2. hydraulic cylinder speed function

    Synchronizing Hydraulic Axes in a Pultrusion Machine How can i synchronize Hydraulic Axes with Omron NJ501-1320 ? What commands i need to use in Sysmac Studio ? Or how can i do this synchronizing of Hydraulic Axes with Omron NJ501-1320 ? What  Linear Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers (LMDTs) i'll need and what Proportional Servo Valve according to attached picture ?  
  3. I have : Omron NJ501-1320 PLC , NS12-TS01-V2 HMI , and Sysmac Studio 1.18 I need to make to work with Omron NJ501 a wood window producer machine just like in belove Video :   You can download and see the Electrical Schematic of my old unfunctional machine  from the belove link :   What do you think ? It's so complicated ? It's hard to make the Omron NJ501 automatization for this machine ? The Electrical Schematic have #200 pages .   The machine have : 128 Input / 128 Output ( 64 Input / 64 Output in Big Electric Panel and 64 Input / 64 Output in Small Electric Panel , in the side of machine - please look attached pictures ) , 1S 200W 200AC Servodriver + Servomotor , 2 incremental line driver ( 5V TTL ) encoder and 5 Lenze inverters .In attached picture you can see a schematic of machine automatization what i need to make it with Omron NJ and Sysmac Studio . I'm not familiar with Sysmac Studio , and i don't know how to make the "SFC" ( sequential function chart ) , what by Sysmac Studio it's called : State Chart ( Stateflow  / State Machine ) In attached picture you can see it how "complicate" or easy it's the whole automatization what i'll need to make it with Omron NJ501 plc . Right now the old machine ( from 1995 year ) have : Siemens Simatic S5 115U CPU945 plc , Interbus communication , Seidel Digifas 7201 analog Servodriver , and 2 Siemens positioning cards . I know the Sysmac Studio doesn't make SFC . CX-Programmer can make it . Mathlab Simulink PLC Coder can generate STL code for Sysmac Studio . Question : What's the most easyest way to make code sequencing in Sysmac Studio ? To coding manually the STL code it's hard . How to make it this in Ladder ? Where can i find a concret example ( demo / tutorial ) how to make the code sequencing ( events ) ? I know , in Sysmac Studio this it's called : "States" and "Transitions" I looking for to understand how to make easy the : Stateflow / State Chart in Sysmac Studio ============================================ Where i need to begin to make it easy ? I'm totally newbie with Sysmac Studio . I've read it in many posts , than if you will understand Sysmac Studio , than it's more easy to use even than the "old" CX-Programmer . Sysmac Studio it's tottaly different from CX-Programmer , and can't be compared the two platform . Please don't tell me to : "give up , and looking for someone who know to use Sysmac Studio " If you can help me with informations , example , demo / tutorials : with "SFC" making in Sysmac Studio please post it here . The machine isn't a Robot , it have just a single 1S Servodriver , and that servodriver does just a simple linear mouvement from : left to right and invers . The Servodriver just setup the horizontal position of wood piece from window profil . That's all what i have with Servodriver to do . In rest i have 2 motors ( 15kw and 3kw ) which it's dived by Lenze inverters , and this motors have 2 incremental encoders ( TTL 5V Line driver encoder ) which make the " Numerical Control " . ============================================ I've read it many posts about : SFC and Sysmac Studio : ===================================      
  4. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    CS1W-CN226 + CS1W-CIF31 Where can i find Win7 ( 64bit ) for both of this cables ?  Does anybody have it ? thank you
  5. I have 200W - 200VAC : Omron R88D-1SN02H ECT Servodrive and Omron R88M-1M20030T BS2 Servomotor I wish to make myself the connection between Drive and Motor , with self made cables. Connectors ( JAE ) - Japan Aviation Electronics JN6FR02SM1 - 2 pins - brake cable in motor side JN6FR07SM1 - 7 pins - encoder cable in motor side JN6FS05SJ2 - 5 pins - power cable in motor side Molex 55100-0670 - 6 pins - encoder cable connector in drive side - ( IEEE 1394 - Firewire 400 ) ======================================== How can i know which it's pin #1 from each socket from Drive and Servomotor ? Atention !!! I'm not talking about pin numerotation from connectors which i connect to drive or motor . I wish to know the pin #1 from Drive CN2 socket and from Motor sockets ( power , brake and encoder ) In MB-0161-1E_JN6.pdf you can see the numerotation of pins from "Receptacle" . That means , the "Receptacle" it's that part what is in Omron Servomotor ? Or it's the part of JAE connectors , which it's inside of connector housing ? The question is , how can i be sure i don't make a mistake, and i know the right numerotation of Encoder socket of Omron Drive : CN2 and the right numerotation of Omron Servomotor ( brake , power and encoder cable ) I've found schematics about how to connect the Drive with Motor with power , brake and encoder cables , but i didn't find a pin numerotation of sockets ( drive side CN2 encoder socket and power , brake and encoder from motor side ) I didn't find nowhere the right numerotation of pins from CN2 socket of Drive and from Servomotor sockets ( i find it something from above JN6 series connectors from JAE connectors ) I wish to know where can i find the numerotation of pins from Omron R88D-1SN02H ECT Servodrive and Omron R88M-1M20030T BS2 Servomotor Specially , the Encoder cable numerotation from Drive side and Motor side . I've noticed in attached picture the numerotation from Drive , CN2 encoder socket ( IEEE 1394 - Firewire 400 ) . That's correct ? It's right numerotation ?              
  6. Direct Connection via USB it worked . So i've cleared all memory with USB connection . I've thinked the Direct Ethernet Connection doesn't work because the CPU have a software inside ( i've buy it a used NJ501 , and not a brand new ) , and i've decided to clear all memory with USB connection . I've read it here in forum you ( Crossbow )  use Ethernet Connection for CPU NJ programming , and not USB connection . And i want it to make to work the Direct Ethernet Connection also . But now , with Direct Ethernet Utility the Sysmac connect it to CPU through Ethernet also , not just through USB .
  7. NJ controller firmware upgrade.

    What you mean exactly ? NJ it's much better than S7-1200 ?  
  8. Sysmac Studio have a utility called : "Direct Ethernet Utility" With Direct Ethernet Utility i've managed to work , and i've connected Sysmac Studio to NJ PLC . The thread can be closed . thank you            
  9. PLC : Omron NJ501-1320 V1.10 with Dbcon V1.02 - i've buy it used , but i've Clear All Memory NJ/NX series CPU unit built-in EtherNet/IP Port user’s manual (W506) Sysmac Studio : 1.18 Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit , Laptop , with Wireless card enabled / disabled ( i've try it both of situation ). I've try it with gateway and without gateway setup also . Direct USB Connection work Direct Ethenet Connection : - ping to Ethernet IP : work Ethernet : Test = OK Green and Yellow LED's are ON continously ( are not blinking ) in Ethernet IP Port of NJ PLC But when i try to go : Online i get an error ( please look attached pictures ) I've try it in Safe Mode ( DIP Switch 4 to ON ) to connect with Direct Ethernet Connection but without any succes . In Program Mode i've Clear All Memory What i'm doing wrong ? What's the problem ? Why doesn't let me to connect to PLC with Direct Ethernet Connection ? The PLC it was Error Mode , it was not in RUN . But after i've Clear All Memory , it's Empty and in RUN Mode . Maybe it's Socket issue ? I've reset it also the PLC