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  1. Analog output fail A1S

    We are using Emotron VFX drives.    think its because of an fault in one of the inversters, or some grounding issues. 
  2. Analog output fail A1S

    Hi all,   Have an question about Mitsubishi analog output card. A1S68DAI.    This module does have 8x  4-20mA output signals. We use the first 5 channels and connect these to the analog input of frequency drives. These drives are in the same cabinet. (No external cables)     The machine is now about 10 years old, and the analog module fails.    We assumed that it was probably the age in combination with the enviroment. So we checked wiring,  measured the input resistance of the drives (350ohm), and replaced the module.  Also replaced the backplane of the plc.   All good again.  But after some days same problem again.      Thinking about an grounding issue, but don’t know where to begin to search for this kind of issues and how to measure faults like this and which maybe not always be present.     Analog output cards are expensive, to I can place five analog isolators between  PLC and frequency drives. But that’s an workaround and no solution in my opinion.   Does anyone has an idea?
  3. Not working TON function block

    Sorry, I was to early with my question... When searching further in the manual i`ll see the answer! But are there only 100ms, 10ms and 1 ms based timers? Is it possible to create an low speed 1 second timers and have an bigger range 32767s?    
  4. Not working TON function block

    Hi all, I have an strange problem in my FX2 PLC. It`s about an program created in FBD language, in the GX works2 software. (FX2-32MR-ES) I have an regulair TON block, created an input signal and an PT value. But when the PT value is larger then 3276 seconds, the TON timer will not run. See attachments.... An PT value of 3276 s (T#54m36s) and lower, then the TON timer runs, and you can see the ET value increase. An PT value of 3277 s (T#54m37s) and higher, then the timer will not run, and the ET value remains "0". Have searched in the PLC parameter settings if there is some limitation, but can`t find something like this. Does anyone knows what i`am doing wrong?                
  5. Calculate exponent in FX2

    That make sense! thank you! Didn`t knew those where the same, only another way  of notation!   Have tested it, and it works now, thank you!
  6. Calculate exponent in FX2

    Sorry,  i still don`t get it when i read the example with DESQR an DEMUL as decribed above,      My base value is from an analog measurement and is an floating value. The power raising factor is also an float value, but fixed 1,5.   For example:  let`s say my measurement value is 0,25. What to calculate is:    Y = 0,25**1,5     (0,25 to the 1,5th)   or  ( in excel function   POWER(0.25;1.5)   )   Can someone explain how to do this in an FX2 CPU?    
  7. Calculate exponent in FX2

    Thank you for you`re answer, The SQRT instruction isn`t available in my FX2 CPU and GXWorks.   Searching in the manuals only gives  the SQR / SQRP / DSQR / DSQRP  instructions, but these are only for word format.   I need the float value, then the DESQR instruction and DESQRP are available. But these instructions only do square root operation. I have also an float exponent (1,5)   Don`t know how to calulate Y="float value"**1,5   My math skills from school are not that good anymore  
  8. Calculate exponent in FX2

    Hi All, I need to do some math in an FX2 PLC. I`m using GXWorks2. What i need is the function " ** / Exponentiation "  (but in help i see this function is only available in FX3U) For Example: d := s1 ** s2; The problem is my exponent is also an FLOAT value, 1.5. What is need to calculate is:     result :=  Measurement_value ** 1.5 How can this math been done in an FX2N, hope someone can give me some advice? Best regards, Arnold    
  9. Hi all, On behalf of my colleague, I would like to invite you all to participate in a short questionnaire about industrial automation. The questionnaire was prepared by someone who would like to gain more insight into the online market for industrial parts. It is a short questionnaire and requires less than 5 minutes of your time. He would really appreciate it if you would fill in the questions and offer him more insights into the market. Filling in can be completely anonymous! Thank you very much for your cooperation! Regards, Arnold You can find the survey in the url below:
  10. kHz signal on digital input

    Hi all,   I have an question for something i haven’t seen before, hope someone can help me.    There is an FX2N plc with an level transmitter connected to an digital input.  The output signal of the leveltransmitter is an kHz frequency.  Level = 0-10 meter = 1-2 kHz   PLC needs new software, cliënt wants to keep this sensor. change sensor for 4-20ma is not desirable by cliënt, also there is no analog input available.    Is there anybody who has seen this before? How can this sort of input been scaled to an level value inside plc?  Something with counter/scale blocks?
  11. Hi all,   I have an program for an FX2N PLC working in GXworks2. The reading of BFM,  analog input, i do with an FROM instruction, works fine for me! (see picture)  (Special module type FX2N-4AD)   Now i need to convert this program to an newer type PLC, the FX3U.  (with special module FX3U-4AD) I have set the new PLC type, and compiled the program. No errors for now.  Should the solution with the FROM instruction work on the FX3U as well without additional settings? Or do i need to configure some additional things in the PLC parameters? I see the screens as attached below, these settings are not available for the FX2 CPU, but they do for the FX3.   Do i need to configure these or other additional settings here, or can this be empty and leave the program as-is with only the FROM instruction?      
  12. Adressing extention module FX3

    Hi all, Have an question about adressing inputs of I/O expansion modules. Is there any diffrence in adressing for digital IO and analog IO and there position in line? For example: I have an FX3U-16MR-ES with three expansion modules: Module 1: FX2N-8EX-ES   (8x DI) Module 2: FX2N-8EX-ES   (8x DI) Module 3: FX2N-4AD       (4x AI) What is the right adressing for the inputs of these three modules? And what if the order is different, so analog module is first, and then the two digital modules? Who can give me some advice?
  13. Bit to word

    Hi @kaare_t, Can you show me how this instruction would look like? I would split the 16 bits from an word to additional bits.   D100.0=bit0 D100.1=bit1 ... D100.15=bit15     Regards  
  14. Exceed maximum step size

    Thank you sczot, The CPU is limited to 8K, so 16K wont work.  
  15. Exceed maximum step size

    Thank you Daniel,   Correct, but these are re-fits for an current installation where the PLC needs to stay unfortunally. Maybe its good to reprogram some parts into ST or ladder.  Do you know what language takes the less step sizes? Ladder of ST?