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  1. 1783-NATR Modbus TCP

    NATR received. We've run it across our MB Simulator and everything is working... MB Sim  (@ GW < -- [Modbus TCP on Port 502] -- > KepWare OPC (@ GW NATR Config:          Public IP: GW          Private IP: GW <blank>          Network Address Translation:                   Public IP (Translated):                   Private IP (Destination): NOTE:  Private IP (Destination) should be actual IP addresses (physical devices) in the NAT'd area with each device Gateway set to the NATR Config Private IP ( Custom Rule:            tcp/udp          502   We'll get real hardware to validate against over the next few days...        
  2. 1783-NATR Modbus TCP

    Thanks for the replies... I have a demo unit on the way...we'll test and post the results.  
  3. Has anyone successfully used a 1783-NATR for Modbus TCP communication between a ProSoft MNET card (in the ControlLogix rack) and a Modicon Quantum? ProSoft MNET:  10.x.y.z Modicon Quantum:  192.168.1.x There is one (1) ProSoft MNET and four (4) Modicon Quantum's. NOTE:  I know there are other devices that support this behavior...the NATR is the suggested standard hardware.  We are getting various responses from distribution and support.  ...I was hoping someone in the community could confirm.   Thanks for your time!