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  1. profibus connetion

    Taip, gali. Nesvarbu kur yra "Master", svarbiausia, kad magistrales pradzia ir galas butu uzdaryti terminatoriais. Eng: Yes, you can. Doesn't matter where is "Master', just make sure that beginning and the end of the bus is terminated.
  2. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    The latest news from Omron support: i was told, that there is a mistake in Z924 manual, that is why i could not get communication with their example.
  3. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    So, i couldn't make a communication by copy/paste Z924 to simatic project, but i wrote my own function and it works as charm. Thank you for the help innoaloe
  4. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Thank you so much! I will try that tommorow or in a couple of days.
  5. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Now i am completely confused. The comm data are configured in communications: So i do not understand the meaning of bytes "Unit number of Communications Unit in Standard PLC = 0" and "Service ID = 55hex"?
  6. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Catalog number of the file is Z924-E1-01. The data i got is from the example (page 3-20). Z924-E1-01+G9SP+Host_Connection_Manual.pdf
  7. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    Hello   innoaloe In Z924 manuals HW configuration i do miss the part where communication is configured in HW file. But the main problem is that format of the message is different in manual Z922 and Z924.  
  8. Hello, I need to make an ethernet communication Siemens S7-300 <> Omron G9SP. The HW of the Siemens that i us are CPU 315 2DP and CP 343-1 Lean. I did try to follow the Omron manuals Z922 and Z924, but faced with some problems. First of all in Z924 there is no complete HW configuration of Siemens (communication configuration is missing). Also, formats of messages differ in both manuals. Maybe there is an Simatic Step 7 project example, that i could open with Simatic Step 7 manager to do a deeper investigation, or maybe somebody has a lot more experience in this case? Thank you in advance.   WBR @rturas