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  1. did you create a connection in NETPRO?  where did you get LADDR for sfc15? Of course there will be a stop controller - two masters on one profibas can not exist Here is an example on TCP/ip  how to make a connection, and then it is loaded into all controllers, in your case in all three you have the H system. on the profibas system is done similarly.
  2. Siemems Set Reset with singal input

    Hello you need invert bool function?    //invert_bool FUNCTION FC 25 : VOID TITLE = VERSION : 0.1 VAR_INPUT   input : BOOL ;    //press_input END_VAR VAR_OUTPUT   output : BOOL ;     END_VAR VAR_TEMP   temp1 : BOOL ;       temp2 : BOOL ;     END_VAR BEGIN NETWORK TITLE =       A     #input;        FP    #temp1;        =     #temp2;        A     #temp2;        AN    #output;        S     #output;        JC    end;        A     #temp2;        A     #output;        R     #output;  end:  NOP   0;  END_FUNCTION //end_invert_bool   but it's better to change temp1 and temp2 to some merkers or dbx.  
  3. PLC flickering issue

     power suply card (rack slot 0)  is powered by UPS?  Are the output cards powered by a separate power source? does the input fail?