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  1. Hi. I need to troubleshoot a Modicon TSX Momentum 170ISP00100 Weighing Module. This hardware was discontinued by Modicon a few years ago. Does anybody have the configuration/runtime software for this module? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Simatic S5-155U BASPA low signal

    Hi everyone, I am encountering some problems with a Simatic S5 system comprised of CPU 946/947, CP525, CP 527 and Analog/Digital I/O cards. The BASPA low voltage signal is being triggered randomly causing the CPU to suspend RUN Mode ( RUN Led goes Off and BASP Led goes On) and then go back to RUN resuming operation without ever going to Stop Mode. It's annoying. I found it was the BASPA signal because I programmed the Central Rack Power supply to trigger the fault Relay in case of a Low Voltage fault. I thought the BASPA low signal was output only by the Power supply (6ES5955-3LF12) but I read somewhere that BASPA low signal is also output by the CPU. I changed the CPU 946/947 for new ones but the problem persists. My question is: Who triggers the BASPA low signal? Is it the power supplies (in both Central & Expansion Racks) or the CPs or some other module? Help will be appreciated, Regards, aelopez
  3. Problem with GMWIN v4.17

    Hi. I wrote a project for an LG GM6 Series PLC using GMWIN v4.17. It has 8 different instances (or sub-programs). I can succesfully compile each subprogram using "Compile" but when I use "Build all" to make the final PLC exe file, the linking process stops and GMWIN shows the message: "An error ocurred when link". No further information is shown at the Error/Warning Window. What is the problem? Has anybody experienced this kind of error before when using GMWIN? Any help is appreciated Regards, Angel Lopez
  4. VT510 Video Terminal as HMI

    I need to know if anyone has ever tried to use a Video Terminal like the VT510 as a Graphics Operator Panel for a Siemens S7 PLC. Is it possible to do this? If so, How could the graphics displays be created within the S7 PLC? Is there any special Siemens (or third party) software to create such displays? Does a PLC like the S7-226 support the ASCII/ANSI/VT100 Serial Protocol to interface with the VT510? Any ideas will be appreciated.