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  1. Thanks BITS N BYTES Many people find working with Portal tedious at the beginning , to find it quite good later on, especially the latest version (after update 1 ;) ). Anyway, website's newsletter subscribers and daily visits rate are growing day by day, so I'm continuing with delivering more materials :)
  2. Sorry jrw. I do not plan on adding them in the near future. You can find the upcoming topics of tutorials in the survey located in the sidebar.  
  3. Could you at least explain what are you referring To? As I don't have any materials with regards to alarms on my website?  Are there any professionals on this forum with constructive opinions? I didn't expect so childish replies from engineers...
  4. Thank you for you wise and eye opening opinion. I will go now and delete my website straight away....
  5. Hello All,   I hope this post is not against any forum's rules. If so please delete.   I would like to invite everyone interested to have a look at my website, which is purely about TIA Portal and everything related: TIA Portal how to   There you can find articles, tutorials, tips and videos.   Hopefully someone will find it helpful. There are more materials coming so be sure to subscribe to Newsletter   There is also: Facebook Fanpage                          Facebook Group                         Twitter                         YouTube   Regards, Robert Jankowski