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  1. I have an existing program in which Controller is CompactLogix Controller 1769_L33ER , I want to download it in CompactLogix Controller 1769_L35E , when i try to change the controller a Fatal Error is occured. Snaps are Attached. Kindly give me a solid solution. Regards, Engineer Atif

    Dear Sir, Kindly Tell me how to use encoder with micrologix 1400. Thanks
  3. Input Module Configuration or compatibility Issue

    Thanks for reply, I have tried Both Options, When I try to read it by IO Configuration it is not being read. When I add it by Drag and Drop then by downloading program CPU shows Fault.  
  4. Dear all, I am facing a problem when I want to connect Input Module 1766-IQ32T With Micrologix 1100 series B or with 1400 series A, The expansion module doesn't read by RSLOGIX 500 while other modules of Input or Output are being read. Please tell me a solution. Thanks