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  1. Omron Eip

    I need to read and write to the omron CJ2 series PLC through CIP. I am able to send the List service and register session packet and also getting the expected response. BUt after that I am not been able to send the read and write request correctly. Let suppose I have to read the 15th location of DM area so can anyone help me out especially about the packet structure of read and write request.  And the important point is that I must have to use CIP not FINS. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Omron Eip

    Thank You, everyone, for your precious suggestions. I have implemented the read and write request correctly and it is working fine. If anyone of you are interested to know about the packet structure now I can give you the exact sendRRdata read and write packet structure. Again thank you so much! Regards,
  3. Omron Eip

    Yes, I am getting the session ID and also I am sending it in read request but I think there is some problem in read request creation because I am getting the address path error continuously. 
  4. Omron Eip

    The link you have given is about the PLC to PLC communication. But I need to implement Omron Eip Client for that I need to know about the packet structure. Regards