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  1. Thank you for your information. The configuration was very simple. The contractor made the connection in AB controller then uploaded it to the network. I configured the same data size and ID in network configurator for output and input tag sets. (actually the input data size for Omron was added 4byte, because of additional initial data from AB) And then it worked!  
  2. Hello everyone, I need the help to do setting of datalink between CJ2 and LOGIX-5324ER. The Allen bradley PLC was programmed by contractor and I have no software of it, so I am doing the network setting in CX-one network configurator. I tried to do the instruction in the Quick Start Guides on Downloads section here under Omron, but I couldn't find the option to register tags in network configurator. Is there anything wrong here? or is it possibly because of that they not support to do a datalink in these version of PLCs? They appeared like these in the pictures.