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  1. Durapulse GS3

    I have a durapulse gs3 4025 AC drive with a defective main logic board. Do you get replacement boards for them?
  2. direct logic 305

    I have direct logic 305 plc and the DCU is faulty and I need to extract a copy of the program to have as a back up. Is there anyway of doing this without the DCU
  3. V Memory

    Thanks b_carlton that info was a big help. I'm trying to setup a high speed counter using a CTRIO module and a rotary encoder for measuring length I can sure use some help with that  
  4. V Memory

    I've used Allen-Bradley as well but just for basic plc programming nothing to elaborate. It's just that what i have to do this time requires the use of an encoder and HMI. I have a direct logic 6 plc and a C-more hmi but i'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the V memory
  5. V Memory

    I'm using direct soft 5 and i want to use an encoder to measure length. My problem is i can't seem to understand how to use the V memory/registers