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  1. Hi Garry,

    Managed to finally solve the wire problem.. I searched the manuals for CP1L and found that the pinout for the original wire used by OMRON(images attached) and indeed, this is the correct pin out that managed to solve my communication problem.  The main difference is the straight 2-2 3-3 but also to 9-5 pinout for the ground.  Managed to get this working for PLC-PC.

    Will be working to get it working for PLC-RaspPi.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 

    Thank you for all you help along the way!!

    Best Regards,



    Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.37.16 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.33.31 AM.png

  2. Hi Garry,

    I have tried with mainly PL2303 based USB to serial converters. 

    Tried with this as I was using it with my headless PI but when I tried to connect to the PLC, there is no reply.  I then connected this to a desktop PC and I ended up getting data only going from the desktop to the notebook but not the other way around.

    Rather than troubleshooting the convertor, I bought this other convertor yesterday night and did the desktop test first and data went both ways.  Thinking that I will finally succeed, I went ahead to connect to the PLC but then encountered the echo back when connecting with only the serial cable.   When connecting both the usb and serial cable, there is no response from the serial side.

    Using both convertors, I am not able to not able to connect to the PLC using direct online using COM port


    Now I am at a loss as to whether it is still a cable issue or something else.

    Best Regards,


    Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 10.24.42 PM.png

  3. I have been trying for several days just to get a CP1L to reply to my any message that I am sending to it.  I am using RS232 on the 2nd RS232 module(the first is connected to a NT unit).  It seems like when I connect a USB (A-B) cable together with a Serial(USB-RS232) cable together on the same notebook, all commands on the Serial side is ignored but when I removed the USB cable, the Serial side will just echo whatever I send over.  Is this connection normal?  Thank you in advance for any help!!



  4. Hi Garry,

    Seems like when I connect the USB cable(USB A-B) together with the Serial(USB-RS232) cable, the PLC will not ignore everything that I send on the Serial side.  But when I remove the USB cable, the PLC will echo back everything I send to it.  Is this behaviour normal or is there still some problem with my connection.

    Been trying to connect to this PLC for several days without success.



  5. Hi Garry, 

    I am not able to see the link you sent. I am currently connecting

    PC to PLC




    4and5 short at PLC side. 

    Pin 1 to body

    My pc side only has 3pins. Will be connecting to Raspberry Pi so only 3pins on PC side

    I tried using COM3 to connect when connecting the PLC online but also fail. 


    Added:only able to connect using USB

  6. Hi Garry,

    Been trying for 2 days already to connect to an OMRON CP1L60M using hostlink thru serial connection on the second port on CPU unit(the first is connected to an NT unit.  Not sure why there is always no reply from the CPU unit.  Tried 9800-7-E-2 and also 9800-8-N-1 but without success.

    Tried your program which is sending "@00RD0000001057*" or "@00TS0047*" without any reply.  Really appreciate you pointing me in the correct direction.  By the way, does the ladder program need to change to allow hostlink connection? The ladder program is not written my me.  I am just trying to interface to it to read DM data.

    Thank You & Best Regards