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  1. PWM 891

    Hi everyone, im using CJ1M CPU21 ... I want to ask how to disable origin search function before I using PWM(891) instruction? This is because i noted that both PWM output 0 cannot share with the origin search function.     
  2. RC servo motor sg90

    sorry for the insufficient information given... i have update the servo motor detail :) 
  3. RC servo motor sg90

    I new to the Cx-programmer. I'm facing a problem where i need make the servo motor go to certain direction and stop at the direction until other signal is sensed. Is there any instruction which can be used to do the ladder diagram? is it using PWM instruction? Is my servo motor (sg90) suitable for PLC ? do i need motor driver for this servo motor? or i just have to connect to the PLC 5v ? Im using CJ1M CPU21 PLC module. Im doing a sorting system project that use the servo motor to slide the item to certain angle.