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  1. Servo MR-J4 - command position

    Hello,     I  mean  "Axis12_Status.d_CommandPosition" is current feed value.    
  2. Servo MR-J4 - command position

    Servo is set in ABS mode and battery is mounted... but the possition is reseted after power off to power on.
  3. Servo MR-J4 - command position

    Hello,     i have trouble with the servo axis  MR-J4. I changed servodriver from Incremental mode to ABS mode. The servo works normaly. Trouble is in Command position represented in PLC system. The command position is cleared to 0 after power ON. I need save the latest position on servo axis. It is possible see on attachement. I use PLC unit QD77MS16 and servodriver MR-J4. How is possilbe solwed this trouble.    Thank you for the help.       Best Regards                       Beny    
  4. Servo MR-J4

    Hello,    i use servodrive MR-4J... now i use incremental mode. In the future i need use ABS mode. The driver is with battery.    When i try change mode incremental to ABS ... the drive has fault. What parametrs I will be need to change for the ABS mode?       Thank you       JB
  5. Logo mem card

    Hello,    when I start BM without memory cartridge ... there is no program.    When I copy program to BM and remove the memory cartridge ... the BM clearing the progam.   I discused this situation with siemens company and they told me information, that not possible download program from my BM model with this card :(  That is Know-How protection method.      Regards Beny
  6. Logo mem card

    Hello,    thank you for your reply.    I copyied program from Memory Card to the Logo BM. When I removed Memory Card from BM... program in BM was erased.    What can I do about it?      Regards Beny
  7. Logo mem card

    Hello,    thank you for your replly.    I want to read program from " memmory battery card ". It is memory modul inserted into LOGO.    The modul is inserted on the programming position .... when I remove the modul ... PLC clear the program from PLC memmory. I need to modify Logo SW, but i can not download the program.      Regards Beny
  8. Logo mem card

    Hello,      i have one questions. Is possible upload program from  SIEMENS LOGO MEMORY BATTERY CARD ? If is possible ... how?    Thank you for your help.       Regards Beny
  9. CP1L

    Hello,     I have one question for everybody. I have aplication with pulce control output. I need control the position vit absolute position mode. My question is, it's possible make origin without move. ( It is possible make preset the origin ).      Thank you for your answear.      Regards Beny