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  1. WF723A 6FM1723-3AA10

    Hello,      today I contacted my local Siemens Support.    Thanks     Regards              Beny
  2. WF723A 6FM1723-3AA10

    Hello,    the trouble is in Card WF723A. Now i need software for configuration this card. The software name is COM723.    Does somebody have this software?      Best Regards                       Beny
  3. WF723A 6FM1723-3AA10

    Hello,    this is not good news. The commpany what maked this machine is doesn´t exist. I menas if somebody have at least similar structure. Does somebody have manual from this card WF723A used in S7-400 adaptor, where is writen how is possible using this card? Regards             Beny
  4. WF723A 6FM1723-3AA10

    Hello,    i have trouble with FM card WF723A 6FM1723-3AA10 mounted in S7 adaptor. I have not SW with commnet, I have only downloaded version of sofware.    The proble is: Axis C doesn´t make correctly homing seqvency. What I need. I need DB where is comment what is what. Does somebody have DB where is commented it or manual where is write what i what in DB used in adaptor for S7. Thank you          Best regards                                 Beny    
  5. Hello,    today I deal with it trouble on MOOG servodriver.  I need Software from MOOG, but the software is not free.  Does anyone have this software and would provide it me.    Thank you       Regards Jiri    
  6. Simatic Step 7 v5.6

    Hello,    I have all software what i need. On the station where i have the troubel now, there they went to open the projects.     I ty to open thise project on the another station and there are all OK. The trouble is only in my PC station.     I reinstalled SW STARTER and Drive ES and situation is same.    
  7. Simatic Step 7 v5.6

    In the other project where are siemens drivers ( inverters, servos ), I have same trouble.
  8. Simatic Step 7 v5.6

    Hello,     can you help me with this problem.    I use Simatic Step 7 v5.6 with Starter 5.4 software and when I open project, the app show me following messages.     One or more objects or a type cannot be represented,   Server u7tstnax.dll for _U7T_UMCBOOTSTRAP_CT object ould not be loaded      Thank you for help.        Regards Jiri  
  9. B&R PLC 2005

    Hello,      can you help me with B&R PLC version 2005  - 3IF260.60-1. We have trouble with this PLC. We bought another PLC, bud we need  move PLC code from old PLC to new PLC.   How is possible move binary code? ... we don't have source file code :( This model of PLC unfortunetly doesn't have CF card :(     Thank you for help.    Best regards                            Beny
  10. Servo MR-J4 - command position

    Hello,     I  mean  "Axis12_Status.d_CommandPosition" is current feed value.    
  11. Servo MR-J4 - command position

    Servo is set in ABS mode and battery is mounted... but the possition is reseted after power off to power on.
  12. Servo MR-J4 - command position

    Hello,     i have trouble with the servo axis  MR-J4. I changed servodriver from Incremental mode to ABS mode. The servo works normaly. Trouble is in Command position represented in PLC system. The command position is cleared to 0 after power ON. I need save the latest position on servo axis. It is possible see on attachement. I use PLC unit QD77MS16 and servodriver MR-J4. How is possilbe solwed this trouble.    Thank you for the help.       Best Regards                       Beny    
  13. Servo MR-J4

    Hello,    i use servodrive MR-4J... now i use incremental mode. In the future i need use ABS mode. The driver is with battery.    When i try change mode incremental to ABS ... the drive has fault. What parametrs I will be need to change for the ABS mode?       Thank you       JB
  14. Logo mem card

    Hello,    when I start BM without memory cartridge ... there is no program.    When I copy program to BM and remove the memory cartridge ... the BM clearing the progam.   I discused this situation with siemens company and they told me information, that not possible download program from my BM model with this card :(  That is Know-How protection method.      Regards Beny
  15. Logo mem card

    Hello,    thank you for your reply.    I copyied program from Memory Card to the Logo BM. When I removed Memory Card from BM... program in BM was erased.    What can I do about it?      Regards Beny