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  1. Automation Direct ViewMarq and Control Logix

    I was trying to do the same thing. The solution I was able to come up with was. I used a C-more headless unit EA9-RHMI And a PAC1000. The Contrologix PLC sends the String to the EA9-RHMI. Then using the event manager database I do a tag copy to a string tag in the PAC1000 every 1/2 sec with a Byte swap on the Contrologix tag. Program the PAC1000 to talk to the ViewMarq like normal but use variables for the sting tags. This lets you keep everything on ethernet over different Vlans if needed. You can use any EA9 C-more I just had the EA9-RHMI in my test bench. works great.  
  2. I created all of the FactoryTalk View ME Alarm Messages to be embedded strings that point back to the string data array in the ControlLogix 5000 PLC /*S:0 {[MAIN-150]ALARMS_NAME_STRING[0]}*/ this array goes from 0 to 500. This works great while under normal operations, and a new alarm event comes in, the string is read, and the appropriate alarm string is displayed.When you have a power outage or an upset condition the existing alarms that are already present. The strings are not read, and the Panelview merely displays ?????????? for each of the alarms, as the string has not been read. But any new alarms that come in show the string text. This is on a PanelView plus 1500Is there a fix for this Thanks Kirsch