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  1. DopSoft-Delta hmi- screen changing without button

    You might first check the screen change method you've selected in DOPsoft. If you choosed a control block register for the screens to be changed by, then the problem is in the PLC's program.  
  2. [Solved] Inovance IT5070T HMI - unable to upload project.

    I contacted the manufacturer. It seems that the program is banned from uploading at all. That's why it doesn't want a password.
  3. Hello! I'm unable to upload project file from an Inovance IT5070T HMI: The software used is Inovance InoTouch. Connection is USB. When I try to upload the upload the project file from the device the result is this: Certainly there is a project file in the HMI. Why does the software say that file does not exist? Thank you!
  4. Panasonic FPG-C32T2H - E45

    Take look at this manual. I'm not familiar with  Panasonic, but E45 is described here.
  5. Delta ISPsoft on MS300 drive : documentation

    It's not quite clear what are you trying to do. To install ISPsoft? To learn ISPsoft? To program the VFD's parameters? To connect VFD to PLC?
  6. DOPSoft - how to change screen without buttons?

    If I understood correctly you want 144 screens each one corresponding to each block. 144 blocks - 144 screens. If that is what you want, no way. You can create 40 screens max on each Delta DOPsoft project.
  7. DOPSoft - how to change screen without buttons?

    I already told him about the control block screen PLC register. He has a Siemens S7 PLC connected to the panel. So he has to decide which PLC register to determine about the screen number change. There is one more way to change the screens without buttons but it involves the macros and he is a novice. So the control block is the most proper way to do it.
  8. DOPSoft - how to change screen without buttons?

    To help you first explain what do you call "block" and what is this Q output? Delta IA does not have such terms.   Do you have a PLC connected to the HMI? What kind is it? Give more information so I'm able to help you...
  9. Delta ispsoft

    File may be corrupt or damaged during transfer.
  10. How to connect to Delta DVP32ES2

    You deffinitely need Delta USBACAB230 cable. It is a USB-to-RS232 converter and will fit to the COM1 port of the PLC (the mini-DIN8 round port on the front panel of the PLC).
  11. Delta plc AS228R

    upload the isp file here so we can see the PLC program you created.
  12. Delta plc AS228R

    https://www.deltronic.ru/content/files/AS300_PM_EN_20161122.pdf https://cms.esi.info/Media/documents/78160_1459437169235.pdf   Everything is described there. For the PLC see chapter 9.
  13. Before creating the calculations he has to set the inputs of the PLC for the right mode - 4-20mA, current mode. Next he should choose that the register of the A/D input being selected shows the current value only instead of an average by default. Next he has to convert the input A/D value to L/s. This is called a conversion ratio. For example if the full scale range of the input A/D value is 0-2000 for 4-20mA and the flow range of the flow meter is 0-100 L/s it means that the conversion ratio is 20. Without it it will be impossible to calculate the flow in L/s. And only now can he start writing the program. The program should create a 1-second virtual gate. The 1-second time is the sampling frequency. It may be shorter or longer but the accuracy of the measurement will depend on that - lower sampling frquency, larger error. On every pulse of the gate an internal register should take the current value of the flow meter. It should be converted to L/s and added to the intermediate sum. On each program scan the sum should be compared to the desired value and if it is equal or more, the process ends.   And that's just a rough description. Doing this in real is more than specific. As you can see its not so easy to recreate that in a program. It will be the most easiest thing for me to write the program instead of the author of the topic but thats not the point. Thats why I asked him if he has some expirience with the A/D programming and with the ladder programming at all. As I said its not an easy task at all and without any basic knowledge it will not be achievable.
  14. If so then how familiar are you with the ladder programming? Do you have any expirience with the Delta PLCs? Because if you are a newbye in this area it will be very difficult for you to create a program. If you haven't had any previous expirience with the analog A/D and D/A then you should first start study it and when you are known enough then start creating programs. This is not an easy task.   I'm creating industrial projects with Delta IA products more than 20 years already and even for me there are sometimes minor difficulties.     Take a look at this video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeiNCEBpceY
  15. So 20SX2 series has analog input channels which support input voltage and input current modes. You can find the connections of the inputs in the user manuals. Anyway I don't believe that the level of water in a tank should be measured by a flow meter. I think that a level meter should be used. Flow meter is used when a rate of water delivery is measured, not water level. If you're using flow meter anyway to get the water level you should take a lot of things in mind - the initial level of the water, the moment and the average values of the meter diring the intake process, the time, the values of the flow (how many mA are equal to how many liters/s). In this variant there's a high percentage of miscalculation of the level due to the listed circumstances.  Using a level meter instead of flow meter will provide correct results in real time measurements because it's values are reffered directly to the water level itself without the need to make intermediate calculations in order to get the level from the flow.   Is it necessary to use flow meter? Could you use level meter instead?