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  1. Hello, Iam using an SLC 500 PLC with 1747 KE (DH485/RS232C interface module) for modbus communication. this module is now faulty and replacement required. My question is 1747 KE (DH485/RS232C interface module) and the prosoft 3150-MCM are the same or not.  The old module have two boards on it while the new one have only one board. this confuses me.  
  2. Hi, I have a modicon premium plc rack with TSX PSY 3610 power supply module. The psy 3610 power supply has an alarm contact and it is used in a loop to energize a hard ware relay for 24VDC supply to the DO module FTA boards. There is a safety button in parallel to the alarm contact so that during startup we can press this button, energies DO module loops and all IO faults cleared and power supply alarm contact latches The problem is that this power supply alarm contact remains always open even when IO report no faults. The PLC has MAST task only and it is running with no faults. If I jumper the alarm contact all the IO's are healthy . tried changing the power supply and DO modules. no hope. please help.
  3. I already checked the power supply. it is working fine with correct jumper settings. The PLC is running fine when I remove the MCM module and its logic from the ladder logic.
  4. I am using an SLC/03 plc with MVI46 MCM module in the same CPU rack. after replacing the power supply, when i download the program, the PLC is faulted with error stating "SPECIALITY IO MODULE In slot2 has not responded to a command as being completed within the required time limit". I tried to reset the fault, but still comes back. when i remove the logic for MVI46 mcm module and download, the plc works fine.  please advise.   MCM firmwire version 1.03.