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  1. Micrologix 1400 ASCII String Compare Not Working!

    Yes, I took the snap shot offline.  Thank you. 
  2. Hello All,                 I am in the process of installing a DPM Scanner to one of our machines.  I am trying to program an ASCII String Compare to compare the scanned part number, stored in a string as ST14:0, to a constant value stored in ST15:13.  I have used this tactic before in other applications and it has worked fine every time, except this time.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a setting I am not aware of?  Please see the attached image.  Thanks in advance!    
  3. NSJ-Holding Bit from HMI on after power cycle

    Thanks guys, sorry for the mix-up  in location.  I got it working properly now.  Thanks again for the help!
  4. Hello everyone,                    I am using a push button bit from the HMI panel to turn on a DI to a robot.  This bit shuts off when the power is cycled.  I need to make sure this bit stays on unless the button is pressed again from the user.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this happen?  Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. Hello all,              I have been tasked with adding a 2d barcode scanner on one of our machines.  It has an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC and a panelview plus 600 HMI panel.  I have one ethernet ip port available on the plc and I have one USB port available on the HMI panel.  My question is, can you use a USB scanner through the HMI panel to communicate to the plc ladder logic?  Would it be better to try and find an ethernet style scanner?  I have little experience with all of this as well... Any help would be greatly appreciated!    Thanks,                   Rob
  6. Programming Question

    Thanks for the help guys!  I added the JSR instruction and everything started working properly!  
  7. Programming Question

    AndrewG,                 I did not add the JSR to LAD 2.  I will try to add this and see if that helps.  Thanks!!
  8. Programming Question

    Hello all and thank you for letting me post on your Forum...                            I am somewhat new to PLC programming and have been tasked to add a 4th stand to a POKA YOKE machine we are currently using.  I basically copied another stands logic and added new address names and what not.  I can not find anything wrong with my ladder logic, but for some reason it is not turning any of my OTE's on.  I am pretty sure it is something I am doing wrong, being kind of new to this.  Just wondered if any experienced programmers could take a look at what I have and see what they think could be the problem.  Please see the attached picture.  Note that B11:17/0  DOES  turn on properly when the HMI button is pressed.     Thank you!!                          Rob