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  1. Mitsubishi A700 VFD torque control by RSV (Load Sharing)

    Symptoms are, On run signal all drives accelerating up to set frequency (30Hz) fine (i believe during acceleration and deceleration, torque control not exercised)   Then master drive runs at 30Hz and slave drives continues to increase their speed. I know that this is happening because MV (which is my torque command for slave drives) is quite large. Maybe i need to adjust my PID parameters to make it less responsive! But what i don't understand, all 4 slave drives not running at same speed, even though same MV value driving them all! Because of this some section of the chain conveyor stretches and some sections bunched up.  Ideally i need all drives to run at same speed ( apart from Sinew drive, because this one has a larger diameter drive wheel and it needs to run 0.96 times slower than the others) so i can keep line tension same on everywhere on the line but i need all 5 drives to share the load. Thanks.
  2. Mitsubishi A700 VFD torque control by RSV (Load Sharing)

    Hi All,  If you are interested to have a go, you may find my programs below. Thanks.  K-line torque control(mr PLC).zip K_-Line
  3. Hi All,  I was wondering if any of you guys could help me about improving my load sharing application. At the moment it's very unstable and i can't see what i am doing wrong! Thanks.  Details: I am trying to run a industrial chain conveyor using Torque control by Real sensorless vector control function of A700 Mitsubishi VFD. I have been following "Technical Note" which is provided by mitsubishi (see attached PDF).  As described on technical note, i am trying to control 5 motors ( 1 X 2.2kW, 4 X 1.1kW) to share the load on this chain conveyor. Torque command (SV) and Motor Torque (PV) read from Master VFD and PID output (MV) of Q03UDE transferred to Slave VFDs over CC-link. i would appreciate any information and help you can provide, Many Thanks.  Application_Technical_Note_Load_Sharing.pdf