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  1. Gxworks 2

    Thankyou.. You means i need to upload program from plc?
  2. Gxworks 2

    Already verified with plc..program is different..only i dont know what to do..because not to familiar with this software..scared to become more worst..
  3. Gxworks 2 using gx works 2.. My issue is i already modified program..and downloaded..but i forget to save the issue is i cannot modified and download any program.. How to solve this issue..thank you
  4. GOT 2000 and GT Designer 3

    Hi All, I want ask, maybe only basic thing. But I don't know... Now I'm using GX designer 3 and GOT 2000. has program inside it. Now like this.. I want to know how we can compare to make sure current running program in GOT is same with my current program in my laptop.   2. How to download / Upload program GOT 2000 3.Is possible to download Only which page or screen we needed? Thanks, That's all for now..
  5. fx

    another questions... how many count of this counter..i really still cannot understand this plc language:(
  6. fx

    Hi,, i really newbie in Mitsubshi PLC,s. Currently i has a FX1s-10MR PLC.. I have gx works 2 software.. its possible i go to up/download/read prog inside? If can, what cable is suitable for it? currently that cpu has sc09 cable  connected to controller.