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  1. Using Proficy on older systems

    Hi Russ,    Thanks for the response. Without having been to the site yet, what I know so far is that they are using a GE Innovation Series controller programmed with Control Systems Toolbox; I may have incorrectly assumed this is what ControlST stood for. On another note; does anyone know how I could get a hold of the GE Control Systems Toolbox software? I've been in touch with numerous people at GE and three of my local distributors, and no one seems to be able to have a way for me to purchase or download this.
  2. Using Proficy on older systems

    Hi all,    I have an upcoming project to upgrade an older GE PLC at a facility to a newer GE PAC system. I was told the older PLC was programmed in ControlST, and I will need Proficy for the new equipment. I've been trying for a few days now to get ahold of a copy of ControlST through GE and my local distributor but haven't had any luck. I came across a few lines of text in the Proficy brochure and around the internet that led me to believe that Proficy is somewhat backwards compatible and can pull the program out of some GE PLC's programmed with older GE software. Can anyone tell me if I would be able to use Proficy to view and download from a PLC programmed with ControlST? Thanks for any help!