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  1. Becoming a PLC Programmer - Advice***

    Hi, Thank you for your response. Assuming by your reply you do not think it is too late to change career? I am considering enrolling on an E-Learning PLC course with a company near my home in the UK. They have been in the business for a long time and i know some of the contractors that we have had at my home plant have been trained by this company. I figure some education and knowledge is the best place to start, would you agree? I feel the online aspect would not take much time to complete and would familiarise me with how PLC works etc before moving on. The plan on completion of this, i would then like to attend the practical course they offer, for the more hands on aspect of the role. Then get certified in PLC Programming. Hopefully this will be enough to open a door for me getting an entry level PLC programming job either within my company or if necessary i will take a job else where to pursue this.  Although saying this, given i have now spent almost 10 years with my company and i would be able to offer a potential multi-skilled role, i hope that they would entertain keeping me on, but i am prepared for the worst.  This is my potential plan for the near future, I would love to have a PLC at home to practice with and tidy up what i would already learn. which leaves me with another couple of questions... Do you think my approach would be successful? Working with PLC at home - Expensive? Space consuming? What is required? Once again i would like to thank you for sharing and advising me on this, Seems you are the only one willing too! Its greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello All, A little bit about my current role. I am currently a Automation and Welding Robotics Programmer ( automotive industry ). I have been programming robotics for almost 4 years at my company, but this is all experience work, no qualifications. I enjoy the role but this is very insecure due to having no qualifications, if the company was to go under. I am currently working out in Hungary on a secondment with my company. The project was the introduction of a second line at one of our other plants. This has gone successfully and will be coming to an end come December.  While i have been here i have been working with a PLC Engineer ( Contractor ), After speaking with him about his role it intrigued me and felt it was something i would enjoy pursuing. Unfortunately it appears that he is a "knowledge is power" kinda guy which leaves me unable to learn anything from him.  So i am 30 Years of age this year... So my question is too any of you experienced and hopefully helpful individuals is...  Is 30 too old to start this career? if not then; Where is the best place to start learning about PLC Programming? What should i be learning? What courses are available? - Are there recognised governing bodies for this role? What career path would you suggest? I hope someone is willing to share info / answer some of my questions. Help in anyway would be greatly appreciated.