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  1. Nice to get another good news from you.
  2. I'l keep in mind all your suggestions. Thanks a lot once again, Innoaloe
  3. Does NJ close inactive socket when Forward_open (CIP CM) is used ? Is this 'inactivity timeout' configured or fixed ?  
  4. Thanks a lot Innaloe, format of CIP Class Generic/Command Specific Data seems to be identical in Logix5000 and Omron NJ  (at least in your capture).  BTW : 1.  Logix5000 provides service with Svc Code 55H which returns the list of variables in the PLC. Does Omron NJ provide similar service ? 2. is it possible (and reasonable) to increase the data throughput between HMI and Omron NJ using several concurrent connections  (to overcome the limited CIP packet length) ?   
  5. Innoaloe,  I've some experience with CIP, because I've written the driver for Rockwell's Logix 5000 (based on Explicit Messaging to access symbolically addressed variables). Currently I try to estimate costs involved with the driver for Omron NJ via EtherNET/IP.The approach applied by Omron to access variables (decribed in "NJ/NX-series CPU Unit Built-in EtherNet/IP port - User's Manual", chapter 8-3) seems to be very similar to the method applied in Logix 5000, but as usual, some details are not clear for me. Unfortunately I have no access to the Omron NJ now, so I can't follow your suggestion and use Molex's EIPTools. For this reason Wireshark capture would be very helpful - if you could send me any, I'd be very grateful.   
  6. Hello Everyone, I am studying the overview of the CIP Message Communications in Omron's "NJ/NX-series CPU Unit Built-in EtehrNEt/IP Port User's Manual"  but not all is clear for me. Could anyone suport me with the WireShark's capture of the PC <-> Omron NJ  CIP communication session  ? I'd like to see in 'real' world the CIP packets used to read/write of Omron's NJ Global variables.   Thanks in advance Zbyszek