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  1. Best 24VDC Power Supply

    I've always used power supplies from ICP DAS USA. Great quality and price. Here's a link of their different selections:
  2. New to PLC's

    Hi Blindsquirrel, I know that webinars will not replace your time in classes but I also think that it wise to stay-up-to date with all the changing new technology. I really like ICP DAS USA's webinars and training they hold every month. I like them because they are pretty short and very informative. Here's the link:
  3. SCADA software selection

    I would recommend looking Indusoft, especially if you are going to be working it into touchpads. Here's a link to also give you different options: Here's an article, (a shorten version)
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a simple data logging software, something that doesn't require any programming skills. Thank you!