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  1. IC220PNS001

    Hello, I currently have two IC220PNS001 connected to IC695PNC001. The PLC being used is IC695CPE330. Out of the two PNS001, one of them has a solid SF Red light on which means bus error according to the Status Parameter IO. I disconnect every single IC220 card connected and downloaded the whole configuration but I still have a Bus error.  PS: I have also tried to switch the PNS001 with the brand new out of the box and I still have the same error. In the manual, it says Profinet Diagnostic available, can somebody please guide me as to where I can find the Profinet Diagnostic, also is there any manual for PNS001 which explains the in-depth debugging process for this PROFINET Controller.  
  2. NA Screen Multi-Line Alarm Message

    @AngryRobot Thanks for the inside works a lot better even though it won't do word wrap. It is much more civilized than the way Omron Tech support, and that was to use two alarms to view as one alarm and get more lines out of it.  
  3. NA Screen Multi-Line Alarm Message

    Crossbow, Thanks for the reply. I saw the videos but even if I make let's say I make a pop-up page that displays the alarm, even then the alarm history is a one-liner. Is there a way out of that.  
  4. Hey, I am fairly new to the NA screen so I didn't get time to research much but for some bizarre reason, if my alarm message is long instead of going to the next line it just continues. Is there a specific way of creating a multiline alarm. Any suggestion or if you have inside for a crash course on NA screen would be helpful. Thanks
  5. 1S Servo Merge Move

    I guess my best bet is to use a cam profile with virtual master. Just out of curiosity, would coupling/gearing the actual servo with virtual master be able to achieve back and forth as I dont have a complex profile, spend the time in writing Cam program is not optimal.  
  6. Hi, I am trying to do a merge move on 1S Servo. The condition are as follows: Task: Move 2 in(absolute value) and then Move back to 1 in (absolute value). I have to do this move 10 times in a row.  The application is material leveling after dumping in the mold. The only question i have is if I use just MC_MoveAbsolute command, the only buffer mode for transition available is velocity. Is there a way i can do it with position. I dont want to stop when I can go from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 again and again. Its time consuming. But rather a nice oscillation motion without stopping to mimic leveling. Can anybody please help me out with this problem.   Thanks
  7. Sending Data from Excel to NJ501

    Thanks for the reply @innoaloe. One more question is there any predefined function block to exchange data between NJ and PC or do I have to create a custom one.
  8. I currently have certain amount of Recipe data located in form of Excel file on to a PC with static IP address. Is there a way to get that data inside the Nj501 without using an SQL server as I currently have NJ501-1300 which doesn't support SQL. I am okay to send data to the SD card I currently have on NJ PLC as it is easy to get data from SD card to the NJ501.  If there is any example code or a link that helps me create i would be helpful. Thanks in advance. FYI: I am currently using NB10 HMI with NJ PLC.
  9. Packing two USint into an INT

    Thanks Joe, It worked. I just created a function to transfer my bytes to INT and DINT respectively and off I go. As I am transferring information back and forth with the remote IO and have way too many bytes to do individual move I had no choice but to create a function.
  10. Packing two USint into an INT

    I am currently using TIA Portal V14 and S7-1217 Plc and I am stuck as all I get from my remote IO is USint and then I need it to pack it to the INT or DINT respectively. Is there any function where I can pack my low and high byte into an INT and be done with it. I know one of the more unconventional way is to multiply high byte by 256 and add low byte to it but what happen when i need to convert to DINT i have to multiply and add some weird number. Can somebody save me from myself??
  11. I am currently using a Kinetex 5500 Servo Drive with a VPL Motor and its has vertical load attached to it. My problem is even after setting my Brake Enagaged time to 0.01s it drops like a dime. I had made sure that I kept my Servo STO enable for 5 second before MSO is shutoff and MSF is engaged. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Attached is an action parameter settings for brake control.
  12. In our safety section of the PLC program we always implement something called heartbeat logic where we monitor the communication for all the connected device. I am trying to locate Servo CommFault inside Axis Structure of 1s Servo but no luck. I may be looking at the wrong place. Can anyone guide me the right place to look at or maybe a FB capable of doing it. 
  13. In Sysmac Studio, is there a way of addressing Array of for argument sake 100 INT. For ex: TEMP[array 0..99 of int]- AT %W0  If I do that will TEMP[1] be %W1 or I cannot address array. PS: I am currently using NJ501-1300 and Omron NB Screen. I am reading/writing total of 450 variable all comprise of either INT or WORD. I would like to group them together for easy access and keeping my variable table neat. Is there a better way of doing this. Any help is much appreciated.

    @innoaloe I totally agree with your statement of using INT_To_WORD fuction but that only works when I am using a tag as a Numerical display but when it comes to Read/Write function whichever function is call first takes president. FOr example if INT_TO_WORD is use to get data from HMI to NJ then I cant use the same tag to transfer the data to the HMI as INT_TO_Word will overwrite it.