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  1. I am reading a project from a GOT2000 screen to a new project. The images for the styles of certain buttons and switches are saved separately as resources in CF. I import the CF first then add the resources to the library. After importing that then I read the project from the GOT. All of the styles are imported as blank default rectangles. How do I properly import the resources so that when I read the project from the GOT the buttons and switches have the correct styles and not some default style.    
  2. Assign Numbers To Devices Dynamicaly

    MItsm83,  thanks that is exactly what I was looking for.    
  3. Is there a way to assign a number to a device dynamically, for example There is saved data in ZR200-ZR399, ZR400-ZR599, ZR600-ZR799 I need to move this Data To ZR0-ZR199 depending on the program number the user selects If I did this in a GOT script it would look like this, bmov([w:ZR0[w:GD50],[w:ZR0],200); This would move a block of 200 from ZR200-ZR399 to ZR0-ZR199 provided GD50 was equal to 200. If GD50 is equal to 400 then this would move ZR400-ZR599 to ZR0-ZR199.  I am trying to do this within the Q series PLC  program and not with a GOT script. Is there an easy way that I am missing? Thanks, Rob