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  1. 1762-IF4

    Can I have both 0-10 and 4-20mA  inputs on the same module????    I have two sensors that output 0-10 and a Ultrasonic level detector that outputs 4-20mA  but only one module. 
  2. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    I wanted to use the DL05 since it is a brick that we use all the time, but after checking into it more I guess I will put in a Micrologix 1400 and the Scada guy will send some messages with data registers for me to use to turn on our system and he will read some data registers in my plc to notify of alarm conditions.  Im not totally up to speed yet but I guess this is the best option when we put a unit into a plant that uses the AB plcs. 
  3. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    The main controller is an Allen Bradly CompactLogix,  They want to use messaging whatever that is to send me a message to start my unit, and they want me to send them a message if my unit goes into an alarm condition.   
  4. I need to build a small control using a DoMore BRX computer that can send and receive messages to a AB Compactlogix plc.  Im not sure what protocol the AB uses, the DoMore uses Modbuss.tcp.
  5. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    I forgot to mention that they want to use the ethernet connection not a hardwire signal.  Thats the part I know nothing about.     
  6. Direct Logic 05 Ethernet

    I have a control that I want to use a Direct logic 05 plc in.  It is a really simple program but it is going into a plant that has a main control panel that runs the plant.  I dont know the brand of the plc in the main control.  They want to be able to send me a command from their plc to the direct logic to turn on my unit.  I suppose that would mean a simple set instruction to my plc.  I also have a couple alarm conditions that I want to send them.  For example if water pressure is to low I would put my unit in the alarm mode and send them a low water signal.  If the chemical is low likewise,   I dont have a clue how to do this in my program.  Can anyone give me some examples in direct logic plc program for making this happen??? Thank you Thank you Thank you. MikeC
  7. |when I try to add a box instruction,  or coil for that matter and make my vertical extension line down, it erases the line going to the left and then I have to manually add it back in.  Im doing something wrong but cant figure it out.  Help