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  1. hello, i'm using Micro830 to receive serial data from matlab and hyperterminal. i followed article 448488 - how to read ASCII in Micro800 controller. However, ACB can receive data but ARD can not.   Then i added a contact before ARD. Once i check and recheck it, then ARD can receive data and ACB value will be cleaned. the 55 showed on the ARD is the value from previous buffer  
  2. hello everyone, I'm trying to connect PC with Micro830 with RS232 cable for transfer serial data. However, the PLC can not receive the character from PC. I used ARD function block to read the characters from PC.  there is no error and the output of ARD function block is 0 when I debug ladder programme. the serial communication state LED illuminated once I send a character from PC to PLC. the channel of input is 2 which is the embedded serial port. I use an adapter from USB to RS232. Email: