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  1. Got2000 and gxworks3

    Ok thanks and how i set the booting order? in gt designer3 ?
  2. Got2000 and gxworks3

    the modbus is connected with a RS232 cable to the hmi
  3. Got2000 and gxworks3

    what do you mean with serial?  Do you have an idea what i can do?
  4. Got2000 and gxworks3

    a modbus is connected to CH2
  5. Got2000 and gxworks3

    i dont now yet. i am a new  mitsubishi developer Can you say me where is the ch2 port?
  6. Got2000 and gxworks3

    here is the system alarm error: GOT error : ChNo. 2 402 Communication timeout. Confirm communication pathway or modules.   Can any help me?  
  7. Got2000 and gxworks3

    i write a project into the hmi the hmi reboot and then i become the error message: communication error refer to sytem Alarm in utillity menu.   When i rebbot the hmi again  then the project works fine without a error message.
  8. Got2000 and gxworks3

    Yes i can  
  9. Got2000 and gxworks3

    I need help i have a got 2000. I developer my software for the hmi with gtworks 3 my problem is: when i update my software in the hmi over the USB cable with my Notebook then i become an error message after reboot. the error message is: communication error refer to sytem Alarm in utillity menu. At the moment i must disconect the hmi from the current and then it works. can everbody help me?  
  10. GOT1000 HMI with Q03UDE PLC issue

    Can you write me the Solution for this problem, please?  I cant see a answer from kazah.