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  1. edit time variable in Recipe NA HMI

    Hi Guys,   See the attached function block. Converts INT in ms to Time. This may be useful as I also haven't found an elegant way to do it. Timer in millisecond.slr
  2. Data from an NX102 to Excel

    Hi PMCR, Can I have multiple instances of these function blocks to write to the same SD card so it creates different files? I would like to log equipment downtime in seperate files. Also, does your LogDataX variables within the structure support Time data type? Thanks
  3. EIP issue with closing/opening sockets

    Hi Innoaloe,   To your last point about the TCPClient and TCP Server. I am just now getting into the world of socket communications of industrial automation and I would like to clear something up. If you are trying to communicate to a server using socket TCP to send data to that server, would you use an Accept, or a Connect function block?
  4. edit time variable in Recipe NA HMI

    @innoaloe Do you have an example of using the custom time keypad to edit the time variables directly? This would be very much appreciated.
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Hi All, I am currently doing a very large scale project please see below a list of items I have not found a solution to: 1.) Having Sysmac Studio automatically reset their Ethercat errors on their own. Like another guy said in his post, if an Ethercat module is not online before the PLC goes into a run state, it will throw an error and not communicate with the Ethercat module even after it comes online. (I am talking about the ECC-203.) This was frustrating to learn after purchasing 7 of the Ethercat units along with the NX701.   2.) Indirect addressing. It seems as though the NA screen is very limiting in its power compared to the NS screen. Of course, this statement seems to only hold true if you are not familiar with VB NET programming. It seems that you can get behind the code of some buttons to create your own routines and such which is nice if you already know the language. Not so nice if you have to learn from scratch. Anyway, a normal Boolean button seems to not allow you to put a UINT variable inside of the brackets to have a pointer for an array type. For example, I had over 100 VFD's and I had just created a structure to handle all of the data for these as well as a custom function block. I would then make an array of this structure. Each index of the array would hold the data for one VFD. This way, I would only need to create one hand off auto screen and have a data edit to point all of my buttons to the correct index.   3.) After making a change to a custom function block, is there a way to mass update all of the current instances of the function blocks already within the program?   4.) Being able to compare two identical structures, but only one being an array. So I would like to compare one index of that data structure to another identical non-aray variable of the same data structure. See example of two variables Variable: Mode_Select_HMI Datatype: Mode_Sel Variable: Mode_Select_Set Datatype: ARRAY [0..50] OF Mode_Sel   If any of these suggestions are already solved and I am not aware of the solution, I would appreciate an explanation as I am fairly new to the software.   Thanks, C
  6. NS-10 HMI Connection to PC

    Hi, I have an NS10-TV00B-V1 and I am trying to connect to my PC for communication with CX designer for some tests. I try to connect the USB to the slave on the HMI, and then to the PC, but my PC will not recognize the HMI. No hardware is detected at all as if it hasn't even been plugged in. This is different than the PLC? With the PLC I just connect with the USB and then it will allow me to install the USB drivers.
  7. PID Parameters. Intergral Time?

    Awesome info Michael. Thanks a million. Needless to say, I miss using Sysmac Studio right about now! Thanks again Colin
  8. Omron Learning Curve - DATA TYPES

    Anything helps! I am going to start ask a local Omron dealer for some help. I will start by reading this manual though. Thanks!
  9. Omron Learning Curve - DATA TYPES

    Hello Everyone, Recently getting into Omron and I am wishing to pursue this type of PLC and software for a staple in my career. I have recently just graduated from a program involving PLC mainly Allen Bradley and one thing I have to say is that while making the transition from AB to Omron, the main difficulty I have had was with data types, specifically BCD, UINT, and CHANNEL. I am currently using the CX Programmer software for a few PID loops and they are causing me some great difficulty because normally I would just simply enter in all my values into a huge PID block in AB but that is not the case when it comes to CX-Programmer. Can anyone point me in the right direction of some manuals or e-learning places so I can quickly get a grasp on this so I can move ahead with the code. It is frustrating when you know how to do something and you just can't figure out how to put it into a software you aren't familiar with. Thanks for your help
  10. SCL Block confusion

    Hi, I have been trying to scale a range of 0-999.9 to 0000-270F hex and I am having some difficulty. I have attached my .cxp file if anyone would so kindly take a look and see what I am doing wrong. Btw the first move instruction is just an arbitrary number for testing my conversion. Forgot Drive At Home.cxp
  11. PID Parameters. Intergral Time?

    Hi, Can someone clarify this sentence for me from the instruction help of the PIDAT. Note 1 When the unit is designated as 1, the range is from 1 to 8,191 times the period. When the unit is designated as 9, the range is from 0.1 to 819.1 s. When 9 is designated, set the integral and derivative times to within a range of 1 to 8,191 times the sampling period. It relates to the integral constant value or C2 in the PIDAT blocks. I would like to know what I would have to move into D2 to have an integral time of 0.2 seconds  
  12. New to CX-Programmer

    Its working!? I changed my unit number on the CPU to 1. Uploaded via USB and bam. Idk what was going on but its fixed now I suppose. Thanks for all the help!
  13. New to CX-Programmer

    Still havn't got a darn thing coming out. (other than the 0.5Vdc) I changed the source word to 4000 in the word instruction just to see if there was any change and there was none. Also, I had to make a jumper from the (-) on the 24V PSU to A2? I guess it wasn't connected internally to the common on B9?
  14. New to CX-Programmer

    Hm, I have been looking at this drawing for the Belimo actuator and I guess I have fooled myself up in the process?
  15. New to CX-Programmer

    I am getting 0.5V DC with this program. I currently have the resistor connected between A1, and A2? Not sure if this is correct?