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  1. Labels & GT designer

    Hello everybody! I am currently 'programming' an HMI for a machine in a factory, (GT2103 / GS2107 Mitsubishi, software GT designer 3) I'm not a newbe, BUT.. on the PROJECT tree I noticed something wich are called 'labels'. I did some reseach on internet but it is still not clear.. --- What are labels for, and what can you do with it ??? --- Could you be so kind as to tell me more about these 'labels' ? Thanks  !!
  2. indexing a1scpu

    Hello everybody, I did a search on this item but with no results, so...   I am programming with GX developer, an a1scpu. In the program I use the Z and V index register to move some value in D's. I saw dat these Z and V were already in use, ( made by a predecessor,) so I tried Z1 and V1 instead, but with no succes; I got an error: Device setting is wrong.The following causes maybe responsible: An unusable device has been desinated. Index modification,module specification setting is wrong. Special function module device,link direct device setting is wrong. I guess that the a1scpu does not support Z... and V... --- Q: Is this the case, or am I doing something wrong?   Many thanks!
  3. FANTASTIC !!!!!!! How simple can it be???? Thnks very much!!!!!!!
  4. What is the best way to show many comments on HMI

    Well, I solved it. I created a comment list and alarm list, these 2  'work together'. The alarm-list on the screen does the rest. I even set a language setting, works perfectly!
  5. GS2107

    We had the simular 'issue'. We ordered GT-designer 3 for the GS2107, and it works fine. A week agoo, we had a guy from the mitsubishi (electric) dealer, wich recommended GX works for in the futre, wich has more functions. If I were you, I would look into that, and than purchase ine or another. Reinier
  6. HMI Protection

    We used rubber mountings for heavy duty applications. Wich are very common also at your local hardware store.
  7. Hello everybody and a very good evening,   I am using mitsubishi plc: A1 or A2, currently Q01CPU. The HMI is mitsubishi GS2107 The software is GT Designer 3.   As mentioned, I am a little bit of a newbe for the HMI. Sofar I craeted a nice interface between user and machine, with common dialogs, language switching, Alarm list, Screen switch. HOWERVER, I am trying to create a screensaver; and the PLC could detect the in-activity with a timer. can I overlap a second window over - the base window and -overlap window1, so that the second overlapwindows will create a black window, just like a screen saver. --   Or has the GS2107 a build in system screen saver? and I am doing much to much???   Or is there another, more simple way of doing things?   Many many many many many thanks!!   Reinier (from The Netherlands, Europe)
  8. Hello everybody,   I am a newbe, and this is my first post. I am  somewhat  new in the world of programming, and still finding out how to do some things. I am prgramming a A2S PLC with the mitsuishi HMI Got simple GS2107. -- I am programming a selftest for a machine. The selftest is checking switches, sensors . In a total of 46 textfield would be displayed, 1 textfield (or comment) for each sensor/switch. -- What is the ragular way of programming this, what is the best way of doing this????   I I have for each sensor/switch a bit wich is set, and on the hmi I have for each bit(=sensor/switch) a comment. This results in a lot of textfields. wich can't be displayt in one screen.....     Thanks everybody! Regards, Reinier