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  1. Ok so I can bridge this on EN2TR So in my plant I have 10 plcs sitting on the same network (10.115.xx.xx) and all have EN2TR cards in there chasis. All the en2tr cards are addressed and all my VFDs start at on each plc rack. what is the danger if I bridge VFD on the first plc rack. Just remember I have 9 other VFD with this address on other plcs. Will all the other plcs be able to see this now as they are on the same network?  
  2. That’s what I’m currently doing. I was just wondering if it could be done. Thanks anyways
  3. Sorry I’m not explaining this correctly. I already have my VFD’s working with my plc. I used a standard danfoss add on instruction to communicate with the VFD. But if I want to change any settings on my VFD I have to use MCT10 software to change parameters once I’m on the 192.168.1.xx network. My question is can I actually go onto the plc network 10.115.90.xx with my laptop and route down the backplane to the en2tr network 192.168.1.xx which my VFDs sit on.    My reason for this question  is at my desk I can only patch onto plc network, I have to go down locally to plc panel to get on VFD network if I need to change any settings.     
  4. I am trying to connect to my VFD's on my EN2TR network using MCT10 software.. If i have my Laptop on the same network as my PLC can i communicate with a 3rd party software (MCT10) on that network onto VFD network using the control logix chasis backplane. 1757-L83ES Slot 0: 10.115.90.xxx Subnet EN2TR  Slot 1 All my VFD's 192.168.1.xx Subnet
  5. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    Thanks Lads, I just moved that  AT_D20000 to a different variable. I was trying to cross references using the find bit address tab. 
  6. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    Omron Error
  7. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    Thanks Lads, Something is over writing into D20000 to D20500 but i can,t see it been used in memory area?  Can i  just moved the unit numbers to 7,8 and 9 and i should be ok. Any idea how its been over writing        
  8. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    I’ll check battery tomorrow. But the plc is running now and everything is ok. If I compare the analog card it will show me a load of miss matches already.All defaults settings are in the unit it says? But everything is ok and analogs are enabled and are set to 4-20ma, but the miss matches are showing  disabled and -+10V and if there is a mains fail all these values will come in then. Would the battery be a issue then if it’s already showing me these errors?
  9. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    CJ2M CPU33 and CJ1W-AD081.....I transfer PC to Unit , I restart it, I put plc back in run mode and it works fine. If I compare in IO table and unit setup it will show all mismatches , it won’t affect it up until power cycle then all them default values will transfer in
  10. Dont know much about Omron PLCs I,m having an issue with my analog cards losing there configurations when doing a power cycle on the plc. Is there a default bit that has to be selected to hold the setups? I have my Rack 02 in a different MCC and its using a different power supply would this cause a problem if that MCC went down and the other rack with the plc held up? The PLC and extensions IOs are connected using the ribbon cables. I,m not on site yet to verify this myself. Hopefully someone will have an answer before i head to site to resolve this issue   Thanks
  11. Message between CJ2M to CompactLogix L23E

    Its ok I got it. For the Output assembly in AB plc I was adding in the Dummy tag of four bytes which I shouldn't of. Input assembly 101 = 4 and output assembly 100 = 3. Thanks Lads  
  12. Message between CJ2M to CompactLogix L23E

    I seem to have everything configured correctly. The Node number is correct on plc. Ive tried to change changing assembly instance. 
  13. Message between CJ2M to CompactLogix L23E

    I have it done so far but i,m still getting errors? Any Ideas?
  14. Message between CJ2M to CompactLogix L23E

    Thanks I’ll give this a try. When you add a new module to ab plc(generic module pg32) do you know if that effects the original eip network? Or is it just some type of path that has to be set up for the Omron?. 
  15. Message between CJ2M to CompactLogix L23E

    I have a five Allen Bradley’s working on Ethernet/IP network and I want to add a Omron CJ2M to EIP network. I just want to read/write to one of the CompactLogix plcs l23e. I’ve very new to Omron plcs. Can I just set it all up on the Omron PLC to read an array of INTs in the CompactLogix and write to an array also? Any ideas? Struggling to find a manual on this