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  1. When M8029 off ?

    okey i'll try that. But this is what i already try with, it still got problem. The problem is occurs when i restart the system, i mean i turn off the system and try to run it again, it got no memory( all unlatch memory went off ), just like it should be. So when i press some button it should be running again, but nothing happen. The network/line is on, but plc wont pulse again. That x7 and x4 is a proximity switch use for safety, Overtravel and home position,stopping the motor (Y0). I'll try yours, maybe on saturday. Let me ask you again if i still got trouble. Anyway, thank you so much.
  2. When M8029 off ?

    So basicly it is same with what you already show me ?. it just the placement of M8029 ?. I got a little confusion.
  3. When M8029 off ?

    Okey, got it. one more thing, i got this from the FX3U manual, i"m using FX3U 48MT.  Still is it better to use the configuration ( the position of M8029 )  like what you show of me or use in the manual. Is there any different between those two ?
  4. When M8029 off ?

    thankyou so much, i'll try that first. one more things, is it a problem when i replace that Y5 with memory (maybe M1202) ?  
  5. When M8029 off ?

    i try to use M8029 to be able run pulse in sequence, i mean i can't use regular PLSY or DPLSY, it doesn't work. So i add M8029 to help clear it and make the plc able to make pulse again. But the problem, when the sequence is finish and i need to start again, plc doesn't give pulse again because the memory that set it on is already reset by M8029. how to set it on again or reset the M8029? By the way, i'm using FX3U-48MT. Thanks,I would really appreciate your help.    
  6. help with calculation and roundup from real

    wow, thank you so much. it solved. i really appreciate your help.
  7. I want to do a calculation in the FX3u-48MT ESS and combine it with the input from HMI GOT1020. By the time i put input in the HMI with real number, and i calculate that with some equation just like in the manual as seen in the picture. I was confused when the result in the DINT is too many and in the pulse, it got minus, when it should be plus. Is there any way to fix this ? and how to round up the result correctly ? I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.  
  8. Convert int to float

    thank you. that's very helpful.
  9. Convert int to float

      I'm trying to read a result from encoder (which in pulse) and convert it to milimeter. To do that, i need to devide it. But here is the problem when i move the result of the encoder read to register (D) then devide it with another register, it doesn't show result in the monitor. It looks like i need to convert it to float first, but i dont know how. My command for the division is DEDIV D17 D40 D22. is there anyway to solve it? Thanks, i really need this. I try to look in the forum but i dont found it. I'm using mitsubishi FX3U-48 MT ESS. I'm new in this forum, if i break a rule, please tell me.