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  1. Light SCADA request

    Hi Park Shin, I am new to this forum, and was just browsing through a variety of topics.  You may have already found your solution as I see the last post was a month ago, but I thought I would provide a solution that I represent just in case.   First off I agree with Crossbow that really as it stands now what you are looking for is more of a data logging software. What PLC are you using, b/c some PLCs out there have utilities that allow you to take the data and send them out over Ethernet to some local server.   Also do you want to store the data locally on a PC that is on the machine?     We have a "light SCADA" package that allows you to do data logging, historian, SQL support etc. for about $1000 (unlimited tags & screen), but again as Crossbow stated there will be even more cost effective data-logging software packages you can use.   Our solution will also have HMI graphics support in case you need that down the road JohnnyG pointed out.  Hope this helps.  http://www.ezautomation.net/ezfanlesspc/pdfs/About-uWin-SCADA.pdf  
  2. Citect v InTouch, would you move if you could?

    Hi Automase, Citect is OK, and they did originate from your local area (Australia).  (I know its totally different, my wifi is a Kiwi).   They are good for simple applications, but no doubt InTouch has a lot more to offer.  Wonderware in my opinion has been the leader in SCADA for many many years, and are very reliable.   It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your SCADA software. Everyone and there brother (including the organization I represent - Uticor.com) has a SCADA software. http://www.ezautomation.net/ezfanlesspc/pdfs/About-uWin-SCADA.pdf If you are looking for something simple just for HMI and Alarm viewing, SQL support, Historian etc. we have a great SCADA package with unlimited tags & screens for $1000.   However, it will not have all the bells and whistles that Intouch offers with their "add-on packages".    Hope this helps.
  3. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Hello All, I am new to the Mr.PLC forum and thought I would add in another option to the mix.   EZAutomation's EZTouch HMI has built-in remote monitoring and control features with remote data logging capture as well.    You can monitor your HMI using either a iOS or Android device.  The app for your smart phone/tablet is only $5.  There is also a data logging feature where you can remotely transfer data stored locally on the HMI (via USB or microSD card) to a local server using the free remote file manager utility provided by EZAutomation.  A link to the Remote Access capabilities is: http://www.ezautomation.net/apps/index.htm