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  1. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    This is the existing system I'm retrofitting now. A number of remote i/o stations as well as an HMI connected into CC-Link RS485 network. I don't know why the vendor made that way ) Original HMI was GT1000 but it had Ethernet as well.
  2. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Dear Gambit, it seems I've found the reason. All the variables in my HMI have address like "0-0 D1000", so for the register address I have to use "Network No" and "Station No" If I just put "D1000" (i.e. "Host") then my normal connection (which is CC-Link RS485) doesn't work. But when I just put "D1000" (i.e. "Host") then online-simulation via USB starts working How to do correctly, so that both main CC-Link RS485 connection and online-simulation would work (if only possible)?
  3. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Tried also different USB cables (though GX Works works with any of them) ...
  4. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Yes. Sorry, this doesn't let me attach files. Could you please check here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17nRtUVEQspjrn5j7Qr4CHrTlleauuHbq?usp=sharing
  5. GT2000 online simulation doesn't work

    Hello Gambit Sorry you question is not quite clear Q03UDE is connected to PC via USB, that's all Sorry, this doesn't let me attach the picture, I don't understand why... ((
  6. Dear sirs, could anyone please help with the following Trying to establish online simulation via USB, HMI GT2712-STBA, CPU Q03UDECPU. The simulation doesn't work, HMI simulator shows empty data fields. USB connection with CPU is OK, the GX Works sees the CPU via USB. What could be the reason? Thank you.
  7. Dear all, Can anybody please help with the following, I'm not familiar with the CS1G-CPU44H. My customer can't restore program from SD card. because some files are absent. Can anyone say, if there really something absent, or it is possible to restore program with these files. - autoexec.obj - autoexec.std - comments.cmt - programs.idx - symbols.sym   Many thanks.  
  8. Dear sirs, I have HMI NB10, installed on a machine that actually works, and I have uploaded a project with NB-Designer (v1.5.2). The project has been uploaded without errors. But after that NB-Designer cannot decompile that, an error appears. What could be the reason of that? Thank you.
  9. Fast data sampling form PLC to SCADA

    Joe E, thank you, I will check that.
  10. Fast data sampling form PLC to SCADA

    Hello Joe E. thank you for your reply. The idea is clear. But can you recommend any particular SCADA, that provides any means (scripting etc.) to decompose this packet coming from PLC and then put the data correctly into the database, on the diagrams, etc. I'm not familiar with different SCADAs. I'm familiar with WinCC, and I don't know such possibilities within WinCC.
  11. Dear all, could you please give an idea...  I have to find a solution to transfer data from PLC to SCADA at relatively fast rates: I have to read appr. 20-30 x 32-bit vars every 5 ms. Preferred PLC is Siemens or Beckhoff, but not obliged. SCADA is any can do this (Windows OS) If there any tricks possible, say pack data at PLC side, then send into SCADA say every 100 ms, and then unpack at SCADA side (have no idea how to do that)? Any idea is pretty much appreciated. Many thanks!
  12. GOT2000 word part movement object

    Hello Gambit, Great, this helped. Thanks!
  13. Dear all,  can anyone please help with a strange problem... With GOT2000 I create Word Part Movement Objects but after that they are not shown in the editor window, so I cannot delete any of them. I can see them in the Data Browser, but it doesn't allow to delete objects. Thanks.
  14. Dear all, I want to change a position of a Word Lamp object on the screen. The panel is GT2712-STBA. Please find attached the video. The position of an object (marked with red circle at the beginning of the video) is given with GD131. The script is as follows (called 1 time per second): my.x = [w:GD131]; redraw_object();   [w:GD132] = my.x; GD132 is to make sure that the script is running. But as you can see from the video, the x-position of the object is not changed. But it does only when the screen is redrawn (switch the screen back and force). So it looks like redraw_object() doesn't work. This happens both in simulator and in hardware HMI. Please help to understand where I'm incorrect. Thank you!   got2000 redraw object.mp4