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  1. GOT2000 word part movement object

    Hello Gambit, Great, this helped. Thanks!
  2. Dear all,  can anyone please help with a strange problem... With GOT2000 I create Word Part Movement Objects but after that they are not shown in the editor window, so I cannot delete any of them. I can see them in the Data Browser, but it doesn't allow to delete objects. Thanks.
  3. Dear all, I want to change a position of a Word Lamp object on the screen. The panel is GT2712-STBA. Please find attached the video. The position of an object (marked with red circle at the beginning of the video) is given with GD131. The script is as follows (called 1 time per second): my.x = [w:GD131]; redraw_object();   [w:GD132] = my.x; GD132 is to make sure that the script is running. But as you can see from the video, the x-position of the object is not changed. But it does only when the screen is redrawn (switch the screen back and force). So it looks like redraw_object() doesn't work. This happens both in simulator and in hardware HMI. Please help to understand where I'm incorrect. Thank you!   got2000 redraw object.mp4
  4. Q03UDECPU I/O refresh time

    Dear Gambit, Thanks for your answer!  
  5. Q03UDECPU I/O refresh time

    Dear all, could someone please explain, I cannot find any setting within Q03UDECPU which sets up how X/Y are being refreshed. In the manuals I only see that I/Os are refreshed with "scan program". But "scan program" is a freewheeling program, which can't provide fixed scan time and which scan time is usually large (because there are lots of non-time-demanding functions put there), correct? Can I somehow assign given X/Y refresh time to a "fixed scan program"? E.g. I have a "fixed scan program" of 10ms, and I on/off Y1 in there and I want that Y1 would be actually refreshed at 10ms base as well. How to do that? Thank you!
  6. CPU Q03UDECPU changeover

    Dear Gambit, thanks for your comment and for your idea.  
  7. CPU Q03UDECPU changeover

    Hi everybody, need an advice please concerning the following I have a machine to be retrofitted, which imposes re-writing the PLC and HMI software without any hardware changing. The point is that the customer wants the machine to keep productioning, so I have proposed the following approach: I take the new CPU Q03UDECPU, develop the new PLC soft, go on site, change the CPU to the new one (other IO modules are unchanged), spend few hours debugging, then change the CPU back to the old one so the machine can keep productioning while I go on with writing software. So my question is: is there any special point, which doesn't allow me to go with this approach, e.g. any settings within the IO modules, which I can corrupt with my new software? The key question -can I be sure, that when I change the CPU to the new one, and then get back to the old one, the system runs for sure? PLC IO layout is attached. Any comments and considerations are appreciated. Thanx.
  8. GOT2000 button enabled/disabled state

    Dear AndreasW, thank you!
  9. Dear all, please give an adviсe... I take Mitsubishi HMI for the first time - and cannot find how to implement a general button function: A general button has ON/OFF states, but as well it usually has to have ENABLED/DISABLED states (DISABLED - is grayed and cannot be pushed to ON state). Could you please advise how to implement that properly? I worked with a number of different panels, this function is usually available, but I cannot find how to do that with GOT2000. Any advice is pretty much appreciated.
  10. can I plug Q61SP power supply into Q312DB base?

    Dear GreenMan, thank you for your reply, but it's not clear unfortunately... Q312DB provides wider seat for power supply then Q61SP width, so physically I can plug Q61SP into Q312DB. And the slot is the same. The question is the electrical interface. Is the electrical connection (pinout) of the Q61SP - the same as of the Q61P?
  11. Dear all, for tests on the table I was given a base Q312DB and a power supply Q61SP, which doesn't suit this base, Can I nevertheless plug it? Can someone say, if the electrical interface the same? Can I be sure that nothing will be damaged? Thank you!
  12. Dear all, could you please give an idea With NB-Designer offline/online test doesn't work in one project. After pushing the button just nothing happens. For all other projects offline/online test works. What could be the reason for the offline/online test doesn't work for the particular project? Thank you.
  13. Dear all, does anyone have actual experience with connection NB panels to Siemens S7-300 via MPI? Does it work ok? If there are any problems/bottlenecks? Is data transfer speed OK? Thank you.
  14. Dear All, thanks for the replies!
  15. Dear All, The question looks like simple but I cannot resolve it... I have NX1P2 PLC ver 1.16 I use SysmacStudio v1.18, and it "knows" only NX1P2 ver.1.13 and 1.14. Is it possible to add also ver. 1.16 to SysmacStudio hardware catalog? Also, if I select 1.14 I can actually program my PLC (which is of ver.1.16). If I do just like this do I face any problem in the future?   Thanks!