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  1. TIA PORTAL connect with Mitsubishi FX3U

    Ok. So the whole configuration is in this program. Then I do not change anything in the configuration of GX Works and Navigator?
  2. TIA PORTAL connect with Mitsubishi FX3U

    I don't have that program in MELSOFT. I have original CD of MELSOFT iQWorks V01-2L0C-E-Introduction. Maybe I don't need to used it. I attached screen from Navigator and 2 screens from GX Works. and my PLC        
  3. TIA PORTAL connect with Mitsubishi FX3U

    In which program I will find it? GX Works?
  4. In general, this control PLC program is written in GX Works. I did a simple visualization on TIA Portal v14 (WinCC RT Advanced) and I would like to now test it on Mitsubishi FX3U driver with ENET Module. I do not have much experience in this kind of thing, I'm still learning. I know that someone previously made a visualization in LabView and downloaded the tags from the PLC using NI OPC Server. Someone also did visualization in iFix and also downloaded tags through server opc. I do not know just how or what program to download tags in PLC so that I can no longer use it in visualization in TIA Portal. Unfortunately I still have a connection problem. The driver is connected to the router. From the connection options with RT Advanced I chose in the connections tab Mitsubishi and entered the appropriate IP. Still nothing. I do not know if the lack of a connection can be related to a virtual machine (VM Vare Workstation 12) on which I have TIA Portal installed. The driver pings but can not connect. I also tried using KEPServer EX to connect and unfortunately also failed. (I have information about the can not connect). Anyone know what program I should use? or had contact with such a problem? I attach a photo of communication from my station to more visualize the problem. Thanks