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  1. Change password for Level

    Yes, that solution with Control flag is good, but I should implement password change part on PT. Is that possible with CX-Designer at all? I found in manual (attached page), a way for changing password for NS15, but I didn't have PT to test it. Is this right way?
  2. Change password for Level

    Hi all. I would like to know if there is possibility to change password for levels dynamically from PT. Sample: I want to change Level 1 password. Idea is to create button to access screen which show all levels and their passwords. This button must have master level authorisation (one password which can't never changed from PT).  Steps: 1. user click on button ALL PASSWORDS 2. user should enter master level password to open screen 3. screen opened, and show all levels and their passwords 4. user click on level 1 for example, and popup screen opens 5. user must enter new password twice, and confirm 6. new password for level 1 was saved.   Best regards, MK
  3. Ok, I understand. You mean to use CJ2M CPUs with built-in ethernet port. But definitely, Network configurator will be used to configure Ethernet/IP data links. So, if I have two CJ1M-CPU11-ETH cpus, I should to add EIP modules on both cpu sides?! Right?
  4. Ok, I understand, but do I need additional modules, or it can be done via built in ethernet port?!  Do I need to make plc program and use special instructions to make data exchange, or it can be done by configuring data links?! Thanks in advance...
  5. Ok, but in the best case i Will have 2 CJ1M plcs. Is there any example of data links between two cpus?! Do I need CLK modules for this type of communication!?
  6. Hi again. What about controller link, is that possible to make data links between two cj1m controllers?!
  7. Not only digital signals, it should to exchange some float setpoint, measurements etc. Ok, I will try to find some code samples for ethernet ip and modbus tcp. What about two omron plcs, is there also best solution to use eth. ip?! Where I can gind some basic samples omron plc-plc communication?
  8. In this moment I know that omron plc is cs1m. 1. What is the best protocol (easiest way) to make communication between omron and festo? 2. One solution of my project is to change festo and put one more omron cj1m plc. What is situation here? Which method of communication is the easiest to configure?!  
  9. Hi all. Is there any possibility to make communication (data exchange) between Omron CJ plc and Festo CPX?! If no, how to make data exchange between two Omron CJ plcs?! Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all. I tried to start two identical Cx-supervisor runtime projects. Both of them started on different PCs. I noticed that after some time, some data (circle color) on one PC (runtime) were changed, but on second not. Why? I tried first to change the screen, and back, but the problem persists. Then I stop the runtime on "non-refreshed data" PC. After starting again data are changed. It looks like some refresh problem, but runtime projects are completely identical. 
  11. Etn021 ip address change problem

    Today I have success. I tried to change only last segment of IP address via DM registers without success. But after that I open web page of the module with IP address set before and login with ETHERNET, under Settings->System tab, I changed only last segment of IP address than click on button Set, than Regist and reset the PLC. after that everithing eas ok.
  12. CX-Supervisor runtime startup question

    Does it need to be in Monitor mode?!
  13. Hi all. When I start Cx-Supervisor runtime v3.4 on startup for some devices are showed dialog with question like: "Switch device to Monitor mode?" Why this dialog is displayed? How to scip this question and use default settings?
  14. Etn021 ip address change problem

    It is in etn21 mode for sure. I will try it on site, next week.