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  1. QJ71E71-100 to QJ71E71-100 Data Transfer

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have used ZP.BUFSND & ZP.BUFRCV instructions for data sending and receiving. Also ZP.OPEN & ZP.CLOSE for port open and close. But port opening completion bit was not getting ON.
  2. Hi, I have the following configuration where 4 PLC panels, with each having a Q12PH CPU and QJ71E71-100 module. All these QJ71E71-100 are connected to a HUB using straight cable. From the HUB one connection is going to an I-Fix SCADA which is already communicating with all 4 PLCs using MC protocol. I want to send data from 3 of this PLCs to the 4th PLC in the same network using fixed buffer communication. Can anyone provide a sample program for the same. Send and Receive side. I am using GX Works 2 for programming. Your help is very much appreciated.