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  1. M6G M6S

    Thank you I have managed to open the M6G files with the above support tool, I'm just going through the manual now to see how to transmit the data from support tool to the NT600S HMI  
  2. M6G M6S

    Can anyone help with a NT Support tool 2.0, its the one I need for those files
  3. M6G M6S

    Thank you Moggie, I need a NTS support tool.
  4. M6G M6S

    It says "NT-series support tool cannot import this version"
  5. M6G M6S

    I am unable to open M6G files on the NTST V4.8 support tool. This HMI files I have are  M6G, M6D, M6M, M6S and M6T type. Cannot open any on NTST.
  6. M6G M6S

    Good day, Can anyone tell me what software and windows is needed to open OPT or M6G and M6S files. It is screen data for a Omron NT600S HMI. Thank you Please try open the file attached to the post and let me know how to do the same. M4902-3.M6G
  7. [Demo Software] - NTSS233

    Hey I also have the same problem it says PC at risk and when I choose to run anyway. says software cannot run on this version of pc. I'm using windows 10. which windows would be best to use.
  8. Omron Support tool

    Good day, I am trying to upload a programme to a Omron NT600S HMI, can anyone advise or help me with the right support tool software that I need. Thank you