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  1. Hello, thanks everyone replying and helping, I was able to figure out the solution to my problem. It turns out I dont need to change the header for OMPLC driver in Indusoft. It was always working fine, so I figure the problem was with the setting which is the DTS pin. I was able to control my PLC from my Indusoft runtime and read its IO. The only thing to do now is to explore it even further.  Thank You!!! Best regards, Umar from Malaysia.
  2. Hello, thank you very much michael for your reply to my question, it has help me alot. I tried looking into OMRON manual for serial communication (W342) and figured out the C code command I would like to try: @00RD0000001057*<CR> which is to read DM0000 to DM0009 area. My question is 1. Is that the right command code? and do I have to type that CR?  2. Can I use a normal USB-RS232 cable (currently using Prolific USB-Serial cable) for serial host link with OMRON PLC or do I have to make some modification to the cable? or do I really have to buy OMRON RS232 cable.  EDIT: I tried sending the command using RealTerm hyper-terminal, and I got a reply (PLC1). At first, it wasnt working until I clear RTS and DTR pin (PLC3).     Thank You
  3. Hello, thank you for replying. I did tried with OMRON driver (OMETH and OMPLC) but both did not respond, and CP1E seems to be using a different header code for hostlink and FINS command, which somehow I cant change it. Will be waiting for the reply soon. (SOLVED) EDIT: It turns out I dont need to change the header. It was all about the setting. I think it was I disable DTS in Advanced setting of OMPLC driver. Thank you.    
  4. Hello, I'm currently doing a project of using a HMI software (Indusoft Web Studio) to communicate with my PLC (CP1E-NA20) from my PC using PLC built in RS232 serial port. It would be a directly connected from my PC to the PLC via serial-USB cable (prolific).  Can you share with me your ladder code/program for C code/ FINS command for CP1E PLC? My Email is Thank you
  5. What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, thank you for replying tashinz... Below is the code i use for my TXD program, which i got from here  By continously, did you mean i try to send 3 bytes at once? Switch 0.01 is connected to a push ON switch. Ladder Diagram |----| 0.01|--------| A392.05 |----------------------------------| @TXD(236) |                                                                                   |      D10          |      S: First Source word                                                                                   |      #100        |      C: Control word                                                                                   |       &3           |       N: Number of bytes For my convinience, i connected a switch to A526.00 bit so I could restart the built-in RS232 port without powering off the PLC it self. |----|0.00|-------------------------(A526.00)----| And how to apply diffup condition? Is this the right way? |----|0.02|--------------------------------|  DIFU   |                                                    |   0.01   | |----|0.01------|A392.05------------| @TXD  |   EDIT:Tried this configuration, still the same, A392.05 goes off as soon as i switch on 0.02 EDIT: I uploaded the ladder diagram for my program below. I notice A392.04 bit turn on as soon as i run the PLC. When switch on 0.02, A392.04 turn off, and after i reset port (A526.00), A392.04 remains off.   Thank You.    
  6. What am I doing wrong?

    Hello...may I ask... Does this DIP switch located on the PLC itself? And does CP1E N-type have it? Cause I'm having problem with my TXD program. The A392.05 is at ON state after powering up. But the moment i hit 0.01 switch to initiate TXD command, the A392.05 goes OFF, and I need to power off my PLC to get A392.05 turn back ON. Can I know what's causing it? Thank You