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  1. FX5U Password

    it was blank program.only i put password for check purpose.but password forget.  
  2. FX5U Password

    i didn't connect with plc.need remote password.if i can communication successfully with PLC then i can reset the password as per your Suggestion .But I can't connect with plc.pls give me solution    
  3. FX5U Password

    dear All, I faced a problem that is password problem.I give a password on my fx5u Plc Couple of month ago.but I can't memorize this password.Have any Option Reset Data?i cant communication with plc.every time ask remote bpassword.Please Give the solution  
  4. MX Component

    i got the ok.
  5. MX Component

    Dear All, I have a problem in MX Component (Communication setup Utility) Software.When I am going to setup This Software.Every Time Show Error Message.The Message is in  attached File.  I used FX 3G PLC.What i done that i given Bellow through the sequence by sequence______   1.Click The wizard Button of Communication setup Utility. logic station number. 3.USB select 4.Select FX 3G CPU 5.Select Host Station 6.Write Comments.Then Click Finish Button. but show the Error Message. Please Give the solution.Thanks In Advance. 
  6. fx 3u series plc

    thank for feed back  
  7. I need a potential instruction to work simply.the example is given in attached file.i want to write only one line via a instruction.    
  8. fx 3u series plc

    ladder diagram and GX Works-2 software.  
  9. fx 3u series plc

    I want to add Example(d0+d1+d2+d3+d4+d5+d6+d7+d8+d9+d10=d100)data.have any instruction to save all data to "D100"?.
  10. FX3u-ENT Module.

    I use FX3U-ENET-ADP.When I Select Chanel-1 of Ethernet Parameter of GX works-2 Software.and Write to PLC.After Writing PLC Show Alarm.(Parameter error)
  11. FX3u-ENT Module.

    # Mr. Daniel Thanks for feedback.I Also Try According to your result is same(parameter Error).Next what can i do?
  12. FX3u-ENT Module.

    Dear All, I want To Inform U all That I faced A Problem about FX3u-ENT Module.When I Set Parameter(Ethernet Port Option) Of GXwork-2 Software.And Write To PLC.After Write PLC Show Parameter Error/Special Parameter Error. Please Tell me something About it. actually I want To Communicate FX3u PLC(Ethernet Adapter) to Weinview HMI via Ethernet Communication.and I want to Change  IP Address According To My HUB.PLC   default  IP- and I Want To Change to -
  13. Mitsubishi Servo(Current Data Problem)

    Thank you all who help me to fix this was my mistake. Again Thanks Mr. Kaare_t and Mr.gambit
  14. Mitsubishi Servo(Current Data Problem)

    When Set ABS parameter is "0001" of MR Configurator-2 Software.Then Amplifier Show Alarm- 92
  15. Mitsubishi Servo(Current Data Problem)

    When Set ABS parameter is "0001" of MR Configurator-2 Software.Then Amplifier Show Alarm- 92