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  1. COM port sending data

    Thx all, i solve it yeasterday, for your information again: I try to send "A1" when I0:0/0 is true and A0 when is false to RS232(9pin). And same in I0:0/1... to I0:0/10...I solve it with AWT  instruction and String information... TO port 2/(com2-RS232) i send via AWT string which i create. i Create string ST11:0 to ST11:20.. TO any string i write Exactly information, for exzample to ST11:0 i write "A0". In the end to net send it infinity times i use one shot.  THx all to response. To any other questions write me here. and nobody answer if exzist any same PLC forum... :(
  2. COM port sending data

    Hi all, can any one help me? AB MicroLogix 1400 and i need sending exactly information's to COM port(9 pin). For example: in input 1(digital I/O) is true send to COM port A1 if input 1(digital I/O) is false send A0 to COM port. Anyone know how to do it? thx if anyone response  And can anyone write me here any other forum with PLC contend? (simatic, alan bredly.,..) Iam new here, Thx so much Contact: