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  1. Mitsubishi FX5-4LC

    I believe it should be in one of the buffer, but not able to find it exactly. Anyways, thanks you for your feedback.
  2. Mitsubishi FX5-4LC

    Actually I have gone through the manual. Reading temperature value using buffer memory is mentioned, but how to modify Set temperature? is it accessible? 
  3. Mitsubishi FX5-4LC

    Hello Guys,                      can anyone help me programming of FX5-4LC temperature control module with FX-5U80MT PLC. I want to Read present temperature value of each channel and want to set Temperature Set value from PLC.
  4. Mitsubishi HMI internal memory addressing

    True, but my question still remains the same. Suppose I use GD100 to GD 500 to store some values, after a Power shutdown, all the data is wiped out. Which means these are not retentive. I want to know which ones are???
  5. Does anyone know internal memory addressing of Mitsubishi HMI. I know we can use word GD0-GD.. or Bit addressing as GB0 to some range but my real concern is which bits are retentive(latch bits). Tried to search in Operating manual SW1DND-GTWK3-E but could not find.
  6. GT Simulator

    Actually I got GT Simulator from my friend. Did not download it form website.  I tried but did not get any proper website that'll give me a link for download.   
  7. GT Simulator

    Other simulators such as?  Pls share links if you have any
  8. GT Simulator

    Done all the settings as shown in images but still unable to run the simulator.  
  9. GT Simulator

    I am trying to use GT simulator 3 for HMI (GS series)  and GX simulator 2 for PLC (FX3G series). All the time i try to activate the simulator i get an error message as, Failed to connect with GX simulator 2 <ES:1808008> Failed to GetSimProjectInfo.
  10. GT Designer3

    I could not find any manual with such examples.  If you have,  pls share the link.  I am familiar with using recipe in Delta HMI,  but not Mitsubishi. Finding difficulties in Using internal memory or recipe no.
  11. GT Designer3

    I am using GT Designer 3 for programming Mitsubishi HMI GS2107-WTBD, I need help in writing script, can anyone provide me some doc in which they have given some examples on scripting. also want to know about internal memory addressing(BIT and WORD) for saving multiple Recipe.