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  1. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    Hi kaare_t Yes I see the problem now. I am not the one that starting  the development for the system from scratch. The one quit long time a go. I start later. It seems I have to find another way too handle the situation. Out procedure for donwloanding new PLC software is always to rebuild all,  latch /clear and reset CPU with an empty system. This works fine.  So is it correct to say if I want to keep it like this I have to skip label programming and use var_retain for local variable? The easiest way I belive have UPS power for the PLC rack. Thank for your feedback helping me understand the situation. I have to give it a thought to see what to do to got a satisfying solution.
  2. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    Hi kaare_t, Thanks for your reply. The way latch is used in our system is restoring "tracking info/data" after a powerloss. The system keep track on many element at the same time. Without latch1 all "tracking info/data" is gone after powerloss  and we need to empty the whole system and start all over again.  After powerloss today we the system continue from before powerloss.  As far as I can see in GX Works2 I have to specify the addresses to area assigned in latch1 area for the same functionality.   "Tracking info/data" is variable used by the program each scan.  Suggestion is welcome
  3. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    Hi, I want the unaddressed variable used by the compiler to be a part of latch1. If I don't misunderstand GX Works2 dont allows me to do that? I GX IEC Developer I got the warning as attached.
  4. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    Hi all, I am a newbee with GX works2 and I got stuck in the change of developer software. Hope anyone can help me to find a easy way to solve this. I got a program in GX IEC Developer 7.04 where I have Latch(1) on all D register I am using. PARAMETER - PLC DEVICE - Data register is 0-13312 and SystemVariable are from 3000-13311. I have not find a way in GXWorks 2 to allow the same. I figure out I need to change variable type in FB to VAR_RETAIN but how do I solve this for Global variable? Do I have do give all the variable fix addresses?