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  1. NB designer change the screen

    Thanks for your reply, I had the pdf and I look but it seems change screen in hmi and plc not know.  like I use the move function I set the frame to H10, it doesn't work.   thanks again
  2. Hi, guys, I am using NB designer. any one knows How to set screen change with PLC??
  3. question @ and !

    good day : I am a fresher to touch OMORON,I wondering when is good to use @  and !,  I found @ is use at the execute right away, and ! is use to fresh the state, is that right?
  4. fresher need help for change screen

    sorry for confuse you  I just want to try put STRING on the HMI, for example, I have analog read in plc I am trying to make  hmi shows up  
  5. fresher need help for change screen

    thanks bits n bytes   I just figure out that I can use command button, now i have a new question is How can i put the WORLD type in HMI from my plc program?     thanks  
  6. now i start to using omoron products, I need to add a button and once i click or tap the button page2 will come on. How can I make it? is that need to program the cxone? using like MOV to H0???