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  1. panic mode, i am using a solenoid valves and their coils are directly energized by the 1769 OW16 output cards individual points. The Output Card is Having 24 V DC supply on the VDC/VAC terminal on the Output Module. The Solenoid valves have rating of 24 V dc and 1.3 A on it. As my outputs are solenoid valves i believe the Load is Inductive.
  2. i am facing similar situation. i got 3 bad 1769 OW16 output cards in matter of just 2 months. upon inspection of the output card i found that the Relay contact were Welded. 1769 OW16 is Energizing solenoid coil. I am energizing total 24 Solenoid coil so consuming total 24 output points from two 1769 OW16 output card. now if i go ahead and try to install interposing relays between output card and Solenoid coils then i will have to use total of 24 interposing relays. now the catch is there is not much space to install 24 interposing relays in the cabinet.    So is there any other option other then using interposing relays? or Is there any other Heavy duty relay output card which can be used as replacement for the 1769 OW16.    
  3. ScottC, i will definitely try the Steps which you have suggested and one more question i have. I don`t have a CCW file nor .pf5 file for the current drive (Means it got accidentally deleted from the PC) so is there any way to recover the CCW file so that i can have all the Drive configuration and its parameters saved in offline mode.  
  4. Hi, My Powerflex 525 Drive is currently working in the Project. I wanted to observe the drive parameters when the drive is running and live with PLC. I usually do that by getting online with the PLC (1756L72S) from RSLogix5000 and then by going in to the Drive Properties from the I/O Configuration folder i use to click on Drive tab and from there i was able to observe all the Drive parameters with the real-time values on which drive is running. Now when i try to observe the Same real time parameters on my other PF525 drive, i follow the same procedure as mentioned above till going into the Drive properties and when i try to click on drive tab its gives me a Screen with a message "AUTOMATIC CONNECTION FAILED". The status of drive in the drive properties still shows me that the drive is running. How can i observe the Real-time Parameters for this other PF525 Drive? Thanks.    
  5. alan_505, thanks for the prompt response. the plc`s are easy to get on the wireless network, but i am looking specifically for the Servo Drive (Intelligent Position Drives). because these drives has its own controller in built and we cant just use a plc which connects the drive and put it on the the wireless network.  We are using the Drive alone and want that drive to be on the Wireless plant network.
  6. I have the Ultra 5000 Intelligent Positioning Drive for lifting purpose. Now currently the only way i am able to go online with the drive is through the Serial Communication cable (db9) and till the time i am online with the drive the movement of the lifting operation has to be put on hold.  So is the anyway possible to go online with the ultra5000 drive on the wireless network?  need some suggestion on accessing the drive parameters over wireless network instead of conventional serial communication cable. Thanks
  7. Thanks alan_505 For giving the satisfying knowledge on Intelligent Positioning Drive. 
  8. I Also Wanted to know that what makes the Ultra 5000 drives an Intelligent Position Drives? Are there Any other intelligent drives from the Same Allen Bradley Manufacturer or may be any other?
  9. The Ultra 5000 system has its own on board processor and I/O including High Speed Analog I/O. The Kinetic is a PLC based drive which would have to be networked to a PLC to have I/O mapped to it for control of the hoist. This is by no means a plug and play exchange. So is there any other option from Kinetix?
  10. I am searching for the Replacement of the Ultra 5000 Servo Drive as i cant get online to it with the Ultraware software over wireless plant network. In order to get online i have to connect serial cable every time. And the Drives are used in time critical assembly line  kind of environment. So is there any other replacement which works as intelligent as of Ultra 5000 and also have additional feature of built in Ethernet port which can help me to get online with it wireless over plant network.