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  1. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    You were correct, I had a feeling after doing all the troubleshooting we did it had to be something along those lines.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'm sure my teacher doesn't like us relying on the Internet to find answers. But he himself didn't know what was going on and looked surprised when I told him how I fixed it.   But **** in the real world working I would still use my resources and forums/Google is always the best resource
  2. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    This is more then likely my problem I don't think our teacher ever showed us this situation. Thank you I'll get back to this post once We figure it out.
  3. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    I won't be in the room till about 1pm central, but from my knowledge i set it as the main routine, there are no subroutines for this project. Our other classmates didn't have this problem so I'd assume it isn't a trick by our teacher. The last project we did was a start stop with alarm, then had to make a function block routine for it. At that time we used a subroutine. Then I deleted my main routine and the func. Block routine, started a new routine named it the same as the last "Main Routine". so no settings for out output card etc have changed since our last WORKING project. All that's changed is creating the new routine and new tags. could I possibly have missed a setting while I was creating the new routine? By what your saying with the defining in task properties, I may have missed that.
  4. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    Like I said its not the routine, we literally copy off a lab sheet that shows us how to enter the logic. nothing wrong with tags, logic, any of those things. its something in setings. all our inputs still work, only the outputs unless i toggle a bit or force it on manually with the relay. I'll get a screenshot later when I'm at the school pc if we dont figure it out when I get there.
  5. Rslogix 5000 school project help

    All of the above are correct, this is my second semester with rslogix so I'm not a stranger to it. And have had other classmates double check my work also. All my tags are correct.  And yes I've figured out that it isn't scanning the routine. But why, can't figure that out.  
  6. I am currently working on a fwd rev motor control routine, we have all of the circuit wired up and verified the physical circuit is working as intended when manually jumped. But will not turn the outputs on...  I triple checked my logic and it all seems right, all inputs are true all the way to the output on both the fwd and rev rungs. But still the outputs won't go true. if I toggle an output bit it does show up on the dc out card, I haven't tried forcing anything.  No errors or warnings, fuses are fine. our teacher does not help as much as we'd like and we have troubleshot just about everything we can think of with our experience.    Any input would be appreciated, thanks.