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  1. Hi! Here I am again but this time with Micro800 "issue". I use the Micro820 2080-LC20-20QWB (relay output) with a Beijer HMI panel. I notice that the Micro820 internal RTC is not so accurate (as datasheet said). So I decide to sync it every hour with the Beijer one with the RTC_SET instruction block. All works but if the sync come concurrently with an exited output the output relè seems to vibrate (anyway the related led stay on!). So i thinked that the problem is the Beijer sync method and I try to compile the simpliest program to test the issue. I attached it to this post. Inside "Prog1" program I put the "Out_Act" to activate the output 00 and inside the "Date_Hour" I put the RTC_SET instruction. Try to set the bit "Out_Act" and after that put some date setting on  try to set the "RTC_Enable_Set" bit. What happens to you? Somebody that can test if the issue appear? My Micro820's firmware is already upgraded to 10 as also the CCW is 10.001   Do you think that is a firmware bug?...   Thank you! Test_RTC.ccwarc
  2. Sorry for delay of my answer... For now I try another solution... Thank you at all for your answers but if someone can tell me anyway how to rounding a value... Thank you!
  3. Hi kaiser_will, thank you for your answer! I've try to check the Micro820 tag feature but I think that it doesn't have the "filtering" options... So I think that rounding the volume result will be the simpliest choice... but I don't know exactly how to do it...
  4. Hi at all! A little brief to understand my situation... I'm creating a new project with an analog input (4-20mA) to determine the level of a tank. The instrument send me a value that correspond 4mA => 0% and 20mA => 100%. With the AI_Conditioner UDFB from RA i can correctly rescale the mA value to a %.  Then I need to "estimate" the volume of that tank, so with radius and lenght i can calculate it (no problem so far). But after that, the value is too much variable (the 4-20mA is not very stable)... So to resolve I can accept to rounding to the nearest 20... But, how can I do? There is already an UDFB made for it? Thank you at all!