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  1. One 4-20mA signal to two analog inputs

      I have Fatek PLC FBs-6AD . Its datasheet shows " Isolation- Transformer(Power) and photo-coupler(Signal)"
  2. Hi,I want to read transducer signal on PLC.I am using 7kg60008ab/nn transducer and it's analog (4-20mA) output is connected with analog meter.Can I connect the transducer current output (4-20mA) signal to PLC analog input in series with analog meter display???So that I can read the value on PLC simultaneously with analog meter?
  3. OPC

    Hi, I have to monitor s7-300 plc data on PC HOw Can I?
  4. S7-300 with Fatek

    I am using S7-300 CPU 314 IFM, and I have to communicate with Fatek PLC How can I?   What I think is : The common protocol is RS485 - Modbus RTU  in which they can communicate but i don't know how kindly guide me .          
  5. CP-1E Error

    Hello,  I am using Omron CP-1E PLC and expansion module 16ER and tc module.  When plc operated alone it goes to run mode when expansion module is connected either 16ER or TC module plc ALM/ERR led turned on.  
  6. Hello, I want to communicate two fatek PLC's (FBs-24MAR2-AC & FBs-60MAR2-AC) using CBE(Communication Board Ethernet) through Ethernet(J-45). I have read it's module and connect according to the manual but still it's not connecting. Ihave also attached the detail of my communication .doc file. Please help me specially those who have hands-on experience in fatek.                         Chapter_12.pdf Fatek Mail.docx
  7. Master/Slave Communication

    Hello guys, I am using Fatek PLC's to communicate with each other as a Master & Slave through zigbee which is connected through RS485. And I succeed. But the issue is that I have to communicate each other at a distance of about 2km where zigbee out of range to each other. I am bit confused here; 1) whether I use RF booster? Does it work? 2) Should I introduce extra PLC as a repeater between master slave? But this(extra added) PLC repeater also become as a master(Master Repeater).or any idea? Most important I can using Fatek Protocol or Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII prootcol.