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  1. Siemens S7-1200 1211C, should I buy it?

    I think it would be best if you had a simple project to start with. That way you learn the most I think. A Siemens training course of 1 week is also a good way to get started.
  2. C252 counter

    I actually don't use a lot of counters. I use [INCP D100]. I find it more flexibel. When I want something to happen at a value i use [ = D100 K22] or [ >= D100 K22] as condition. If I wanted the D100 to have a preset value I'd use the MOV instruction. [MOV K1543 D100] I actually expect that you can move a preset value to a counter with the MOV instruction. But I haven't tried it. If C252 is a 32-bit use DMOV. But I repeat, I haven't tested it.
  3. Function Blocks and Data logging to CSV

    The machines I'm working on use VBscript in the HMI. The csv is stored on the USB or SD card.
  4. Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 connection problems

    The virus scan of your computer can cause the connection problem. When you try to connect to the plc using "accesible devices", before you asigned an ip adres, the virusscan might block the connection. Disabling the virusscan might help. You can also load the project to a Siemens SD card and program the PLC like this the first time. Once the plc has an IP adress connecting is ussualy easier. The tool Proneta (free) can also help to give the device an IP adres and Profinet name.